Two eventful things happened today::

1) my #2600magazine sweater was recognized by an older gentleman at the store. Specifically, he recognized the "blue box" schematic. He seemed like a nice, knowledgeable man who went in length about various topics like old IBM emulators, and . Although it was a friendly conversation, I felt awkward for some reason and promptly left after getting rung out.

2) later that day, I went into my car after unlocking it with my keyfab and as I sat in the driver seat about to put the fab into the ignition- I noticed my car smelled funny/weird. Looking around, I noticed that everything seemed as I roughly left it- except it seemed dustier and a little more worn/dirty than I had left it. I noticed a box behind/side of my seat(in my peripheral vision) and pulled it forward to look at it as I did not recognize it. I had no recollection of ever purchasing that item nor had any idea why it would be there. I looked up from the packaging and went to out it back- when as I turned my head to look back to put it back where it was. I noticed that several other significant(large and noticible) items were there that REALLY shouldn't be. It was at that moment everything began to sink in.

I was in someone else's car.

I had mistakenly hopped inside someone else's car with the exact same model/features/interior/etc and had only begun to notice differences because of the used/worn smell that contrasted my normally stale/clean car air.

Cutting to the end- I got back to my own car, ripped the backend of a envelope I had in the dash and wrote with a pencil "your car was unlocked. Please be more careful. I mistook your car for mine." And left it on the windshield.


@lucifargundam oh crap! I once opened the back of a vehicle thinking it was mine, and was getting ready to load groceries into it. The owner got out and asked me what the heck I was doing.

@freemo @iceloops @CubicleNate

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