Here is a tease from episode 77 of the

Where do you think this conversation came from or where do you think it is going?


My last two heart rate charts. The largest spikes from yesterday are a super set of snatches, brupees and a 400m run.

Recording episode 77 of with I love the fact that the record button is right out in the open now.

This is how my youngest packed the water bottle on our hike Sunday. πŸ˜„

When I tell people that I have reactions to almost everything, they think I'm exaggerating. I "cheated" and had some peppers last night (I get the same reaction to tomatoes and others in the nightshade family), and the welts have started. 😭

If this is how @CubicleNate introduces me on the next can you guess how he'll introduce @MattDLN

Make sure you check out the show on Wednesday to find out πŸ˜†

When you have sit ups after Russian kettlebell swings and goblet squats in your super set... Chalk gets everywhere! Today was also deadlift day, I absolutely love day!

The raw episode 68 of in I'm not very talkative in this one, as I was hit with a just before we started recording. That is the second for this week.

When recording goes a bit crazy! Between my internet dropping out and then hitting stop recording instead of mute, we have all the tracks this week. Here is the raw show before editing starts.

One thing I do when a is to silence the areas in between speech. Helps to keep the current speaker in focus regardless of background noise on another host's track.

Well I have made one heck of a mess with episode 59. It is ok, I will still have it out on Tuesday morning. @CubicleNate

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