@lucifargundam it must be on the minds of many Linux users. It is sad to see Firefox dying and some of that due to decisions they are making.

@hackernews @dasgeek

5) No, but I'm sure the first time mom isn't looking the youngest will.
6) We picked it up and unloaded it. We'll haul the old one off ourselves. There is a place near us that will recycle them.

1) It isn't a smart fridge. Those cost way to much for me.
2) There is no ice/water dispenser on the outside. There is an ice maker in the freezer. We don't have a water line to it, so it won't be used.
3) No need for filters, for the reason above.
4) Nothing yet! It had to sit for two hours before plugging it in. It just got powered on about 20 min ago. We probably won't get to actually get groceries in it until we get home from coop tomorrow.

@lucifargundam my aunt and uncle had it before us. It survived whatever they did with it, a 3 hour drive home with us, my four kids and an additional move with us. It has lived a long life.

@eastcoastweb we had that issue with dishwashers. Though the last one that died wasn't 100% the fault of these made to fail appliances. Kids had a bit to do with it. The current fridge that died is 25 years old. I guarantee the new fridge won't last 25 years.


@CubicleNate there is so VERY little in stock. Even more of it can't be delivered until December or January...

@lucifargundam my 7 year old washer and dryer are running great. The fridge finished dying today. It was manufactured April 1996. I think it lasted a good long time.

@lucifargundam I bought my washer and dryer new 7 years ago. We used cloth diapers. I had a series of used washers and dryers beforehand which were a waste of money. I figured I would check the used market, not holding my breath there. Our dying fridge is close to 20 years old. We got it from family.

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Companies won't stop if the public continues to not care about slave labor in the supply chain. Learn more here youtu.be/4sosw26Qq1I

Last year my dishwasher went out. This year it looks like my refrigerator is going out. To be fair, we got it used just over 9 years ago... With all the shortages, not a good time for it to start dying though.

@dude47 ya, and I'm definitely not done. Most are in my ears. The left ear currently has 9. I have the last ones about healed up, time to move on to the next stage of the plan for that ear.

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The #PinePhonePro is here! Lukasz from @thepine64@twitter.com joined us for an interview on DLN where we deep dive into this new highly anticipated device.

You can check out this exclusive interview by going to youtube.com/watch?v=itP1DWkIp0

#linux #smartphone #opensource

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I'm getting ready to record episode 46 of with @dasgeek and Michael. Then tomorrow morning, recording episode 79 of podcast with @CubicleNate and @MattDLN. Lots of and stuff happening around here!

All 17 of my have jewelry in them. I think it is time for a new ...

It has been a long time since I've done a workout. Today was chelts (chest and delts). I've missed the burn and utter exhaustion of hypertrophy training!

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Thx to @Beelinkofficial for shipping us the first #developer units. We are starting to get @manjarolinux running smoothly on this new @AMD #ryzen #vega combo!

Original tweet : twitter.com/ManjaroLinux/statu

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