What could be more exciting than the adventure in your mind/soul? I don't know, but most people trade it in for pop culture.

Money from The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund helped pay for the lawyers that got absurd charges against seven antifascists dismissed in a court in Lyon, France earlier this month. Full story:
Help us defend & protect anti-fascists. Contribute to the Defence Fund today: bit.ly/DefendAntifa

All across social media this morning people are asking “Who is the real Ghislaine Maxwell?”

She’s trump’s friend.

JFK JR. still has not appeared with evidence of the Deep State…

Capitalism’s Black Friday is over with, I hope everyone got what they wanted, but that never happens… Materialism never satisfies.

No bright and early today. I want the weed and coffee to take over.

It gets weird when one realizes almost all workers in these child care centers are women, so from a feminist or gender-egalitarian perspective what's even the point of privileging these vaunted "licensed child care providers" in government policy over care by mothers? Beats me.

Image is "Mother and Child" by Frederick Leighton.

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I see on social media that a lot of white nationalists are thankful that rottenhouse and the cheeto jesuse are friends (their heroes are conmen and murderers)

Everything is getting baked today, turkeys, pies, and me (I'm about to smoke a bowl)

Wow justice was actually served today. Hopefully all three of those motherfuckers get served some serious karma in prison.

The weather is changing to the cold seasons as Dec is always cold.
But in Gambia during the day know that it's sunny an little hot we don't know how it will be this year the rainy season was different from all the ones we where having for the past years.
The picture is early this morning around 7am while i was going to school.
It's look great.

Need something strange today, need to be burned by a different fire.

The Paradox... If you remain detached, from lust comes all things.

Police and criminals are the same thing except when police rob and kill, they get away with it. Ordinary criminals are the real risk takers.

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