Watching the news clearly demonstrates why we can’t solve problems. Every talking head wants to spend all the time defining the problem rather than taking the time to propose an actual solution. Everything is simply reaction.

Jim Morrison said "You're all slaves!!!" I'm beginning to think he was right.

A “white man” in army fatigues has shot/killed at least 8 people in a supermarket in Buffalo, NY
(Thoughts and Prayers won’t do anything)

Just saw Roland Emmerich's "Moonfall" for the first time this morning. It was *awesome*. I really liked it.

#film #cinema #scifi #sciencefiction #disasterfilm

Despite the European chat control mandate, which is going on at the moment, I wont let the idea down, that Europe needs to federalise more.
As a patriot, I don't have to like anything that Europe is doing and that's fine. 🇪🇺

I'm repulsed by for-profit social media, but I wish to continue following thinkers & learning about , events, & issues that corporate media won't cover.

I'm a married English teacher in a depressed coal mining town in . I enjoy and . I love but have none to contribute. Thanks for reading!

Let’s all just “not know”.
Be comfortable with not getting any answers.

Putin is threatening Elon Musk, and Musk seems to be worried about it... What's Putin waiting for?

It's always... We got to tax evil billionaires and gigantic evil corporations, that's all good and everything, but where do these taxes go? The taxes end up helping/going to evil billionaires and gigantic evil corporations...

Google tries SO hard to be hip. It just never is.

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