The Catholics are the bad guys, always have been. They have been murdering their way to power for centuries. Now they molest children and fuck with Dementia Joe? People are leaving this religion in droves.

I always feel like I have been banished from happiness, I haven’t got a chance at being happy..

OMG, I was Attila the Hungry meets online competition this past 6 weeks. Did I prepare? F*k yes! Was I competitive? (Is my middle name Attila? 😉 ). Maybe I should ask..."did I take no prisoners?" SO MUCH SO, they thought I was guessing--until I scored 90%. I learned a long time ago B+/A- is the sweet spot. A+ students simply don't perform in the real world. A- students, well hell. Just ask Attila.

republicans used to be for freeing slaves (that has changed drastically)

And now a God's Favorite Belgian Strong Golden Ale. One of my favorites. and are definitely some of the most solid breweries, in my book...

Righteous indignation is what's wrong with this world. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Just feel drained today... Need to fill up with beer and marijuana.

America is crawling with Q Freak Terrorists and dem leadership doing little to stop them? Even letting their cheeto jesus leader roam free..

How many people will lie to defend corrupt politicians today on social media?

Roger Waters tells facebook to get fucked (that's so cool)

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