Everything is getting baked today, turkeys, pies, and me (I'm about to smoke a bowl)

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@WilliamsStrangeFest Have you tried any Delta 8 stuff? I'm wondering how it compares.

@chiasm The delta 8 stuff is controversial and kind of synthetic... You get a buzz, but it's not the same..

@WilliamsStrangeFest Yeah, since I can get delta 8 legally where I am and can't get delta 9 (as it were), I was wondering if someone can explain how it feels different. But I guess since there are so many different experiences with THC depending on its strength and source and mode of delivery, there's no telling...

@chiasm It's a powerful but short term buzz. Some people get a addiction to it, different than marijuana. It's not a mild buzz like most pot buzzes.

@WilliamsStrangeFest Hm. Ok, that helps. I've tried Delta 8 and sometimes it does nothing and other times it is *powerful* stuff, where walking and talking and behaving at all normally are just not an option. I wasn't sure how that compares.

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