@sihyeone HAHAHAHA sumpa di sini enak, tapi suka lemot dan sering error gak sih. )

@jxaehyun excuse me, good days, i know its kinda random, but how could you get that verified symbol?

@Syeon OMG WHO GAVE YOU THIS SPIRIT HAHA. Glad to see you too, Syeonshine! I'm totally newbie here lmao.

@sooyaaniest@stereodon.social Done done done! :>

@karitna Hello there, the first lady of aespa, am i right?!

@lialTZY pretty young lady, nice to see you! Do you mind to give me a follow back? Thanks anyway.

@yunseongg Glad to see you, Yusron/Yunseong! Already followed, mind to give a follow back?

Neeways, tooters, does anyone know how to change the username? The uppercase in mine kinda annoys me. Lmao.

Good days, i'm looking for some new pals, would be great if you're OO linermate or ex-PRISTIN, but everyone is welcomed! :D


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