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Seriously considering making a fork of muzei that removes wallpaper scrolling and does absolutely nothing else

Finally, I can post this
New phone captured by old phone
Old phone captured by new phone
And both captured by a camera

Also OnePlus stock android fixes some pretty significant issues I've had with android so that's neat

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New phone arrived, but I can't do much of the setup. Thanks for that, verizon.
Hopefully should be working tomorrow afternoon.

Ni no Kuni
Luigi's mansion
Hollow knight
I'm sure I could find even more if I got up and checked my steam library


Name a video game without the letter “e” in it

It’s pretty hard


At least it's something other than the regular recommendations of stuff by fascists and pedophiles

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Redbubble's recommendations are beyond my comprehension

seeing the tag today is really nice so i'll join in a bit
hiya! i'm burner (or jaden), a student learning programming and sometimes a streamer. also i sometimes post random weird stuff to youtube for fun.

twitter no
a dislike button is one of the worst ideas for this app, even in this "it'll optimize the replies to a tweet" implementation

friendly reminder to web developers - "something went wrong" is not actually an error message

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oh nvm best buy's website doesn't actually work lol

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aaaaa i woke up like 15 minutes too late to get a 6700xt whyyyy

Yeah leaning towards a semi-indefinite pause on streaming after literally everything broke over the course of less than three hours

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