I've been thinking of selling my electric for a while. I checked for comparable prices and discovered the range to be CAD$1000-1500. Those must be super inflated for something that is 11 years old!

Donald Trump is like the movie Groundhog Day except each day starts with a car crash.

I deleted my account over a month ago and I need to ask someone I was friends with to make sure it was deleted.

I had a account from when it was , to monitor my kid's account. I just deleted my account and I'll delete hers later. One more account gone. Woohoo!

"Here Today Gone Tomorrow" by Harem Scarem. Wow, cool .

Sometimes I wonder if my disconnects her brain every morning when she gets out of bed. Me: "Could you...?" "How could you not..?" "Why did you...?" "Why didn't you...?" "Huh"

It's funny how people join to escape , thinking they're equivalent.

Is anyone else annoyed that you can't buy cheap CDs anymore? I've heard some new songs and I'd rather get them on than be confined to buy a license on a streaming service like or .

I realised that the result of my terrible typing on a mobile device and , results in something that looks like .

Do videos stream through an server? Or is it streamed direct from ?

What happened to that toot about the open source alternative to ? Wherever it is, I wonder if could use it for comments instead of what they currently display. (where do those comments come from on invidious anyway?)

Mary Trump's book. Have you read it? Are you going to? #45

is thinking of implementing a subscription system. For what? There's nothing on twitter that I would pay for.

I'm starting to see a trend on websites where they block video content if you don't allow targeted . rockpapershotgun.com, I'm looking at you.

I still have a in my basement that I don't use anymore. I really should sell it.

@Mastodon perhaps an incredibly useful considering the wideness of the would be a language filter! I love everyone but it does feel annoying to scroll through tonnes of post you can't read.. 🤷‍♂️

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