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The not only showed how much better we could do at resolving a , both in terms of managing resources, but also in handling information as a society. But it also exposed the systemic further.

Maybe it's time for a different type of economy? Check out a resource based economy on YouTube/Google.

It's time to highlight the underlying problem. With an infinite growth economy, we're not going to solve .

If aught to be successful, we need to talk about and an economy based on the carrying capacity of the Earth.

Infinite growth on a finite planet is utopian.

Wat zou meer chaos veroorzaken? 1 jaar zonder politici en bankiers? Of 1 jaar zonder technici en wetenschappers?

We need a new Manhattan project, not to develop weapons of mass destruction, but mass creation and move towards a #postscarcity society.

#tzm #zeitgeist #nederland #zeitgeistbeweging #rbe

⚠️ #Mastodon v3.4.2 is out with some bug fixes! It is a backport release, if you are already using latest code from the main branch, you do not need it.

Google wants you to think "Incognito Mode" is private. It's not.

Google still tracks you. Every Google search and most sites you visit, too.

Had enough? Use DuckDuckGo. We don’t track you. Ever.

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Our revamped Reuse and Recycle program is now live! 📱🌿

Globally only 17% of electronic waste is recycled, meaning roughly 83% end up in dusty drawers or landfills. We want to end the cycle of wasting valuable resources by giving them a new life. ⬇️

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