so um, I was going to spend tonight answering your questions about the updates from the conference I posted earlier...

but I'm more than a little distracted by the supreme court getting ready to overturn my rights as a uterus holder in this country.

I'm worth more than my uterus.


Yeah. it is depressing news.

I've already contacted my rep & a senator, and am trying to see if there's going to be protests anywhere near me.

Also they've been trashing LGBT rights as well.

Shame that it is even a subject and you have to spend time and energy to overcome this.

@_astronoMay It's times like this that I am so incredibly ashamed of our leadership in the US. Always fighting tooth and nail to take us back in time instead of looking forward with (most of) the rest of us. To think of all the problems they could be working to fix, changing lives for the better--and yet they've spent their time, effort, and our tax dollars drafting something actively harmful to women nationwide. It's truly awful. Hopefully we never see this pass.

Which third world country are you in right now? What's going on?

@_astronoMay We heard about this only on the morning news at breakfast. It's scary beyond belief. And shame on the Supreme Court if that's the direction they're going ... and opening the floodgates.

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