Did you see the NEW AMAZING picture of SgrA* released yesterday by the Event Horizon Telescope team and now have lots of questions about black holes? ⚫

Well I am *not* the astrophysicist for you! 😂

@AdiFoord posted a thread about SgrA* yesterday, and @alstev will be doing one soon!

Follow them for all the black hole related content you want! All I'll be able to tell you is that yes, it does look like a donut 😊 🍩

@danslerush @AdiFoord @alstev

I think we're safe from this particular space donut unless you find a way to travel to it and get a bit too close 🚀🍩

@_astronoMay @danslerush @alstev it can eat us, but it’s not particularly hungry at the moment so I wouldn’t worry 😂

@thomasconnor @AdiFoord @_astronoMay @danslerush @alstev
> unless you find a way to travel to it and get a bit too close  🚀🍩

Also manage to do so in a lifetime of a civilization. 👾

@_astronoMay Ah ah ah I know, but please tell CERN's guys to avoid creating (even a little) one in Switzerland :troll:

@AdiFoord Hungry yes I am now 😂

@thomasconnor Perfection ! 🤣


@_astronoMay @AdiFoord @alstev Every time I see a mention of Sagittarius A*, I’ve looked to the bottom of the post for the footnote to tell me what the catch is.

@AdiFoord I'm eating a donut right now. I went to two Dunkins because the first one didn't have my fav kind of donut (sour cream 😋)

@_astronoMay There is also a good Veritasium video on it on youtube and for any Germans there is a Terra X episode with Harald Lesch on it.

@_astronoMay @AdiFoord @alstev I did see it on swedish television. And was waiting for you to say something about it 😁 Following immediately!

@_astronoMay @AdiFoord @alstev how does this image square with the usual black hole illustrations we see? Why are there 3 brighter areas like that?

@deeplyaware @_astronoMay @alstev
from what I understand, there may not be a lot of significance to the bright patches. It sounds like they align with the directions of where they had a lot of telescope coverage, so it may just be an observational effect.

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