Just popping in to say: Exciting life news! Today is my last day of work as a postdoc... because as of next week I become senior staff! (i.e. a permanent position!) 🪐🔭

More exciting news is that my husband has a position in the area lined up after finishing his residency - so only one more year of long-distance! 🥰

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Science-wise I'm slowly coming back from being super overwhelmed at work/at home and can't wait to share JWST data results with you soon!

I can't share *exact* exoplanet results until our press releases come out, but I *can* share vague information about the process of analyzing JWST data!

For example: right now we're getting all set up to be ready to hit the ground running! Our team is setting up a new powerful computer to handle our data analysis and I've been testing that set up with the simulated (fake) JWST data we have.

Everything is just about ready to go there, so once we get the email that our data is available I'll be downloading it immediately! As I analyze the data over the course of a few days I'll try to share images based on the simulated data to show the process

But just a fair warning: once I have the data it'll be sort of slow going.

The data sets are large and there are a lot of ways we clean up the data to ensure we have the most correct result possible, and it takes a while to get there :)

@_astronoMay so there are already real data from the jwst available now?

@thorsten not publicly available yet! No data will be released until after the July 12th press conferences to show off the first images

@_astronoMay ok, not publicly, but you already have acess to the real thing and can do your analysis?

@thorsten Nope! None of us have access to data right now except the team getting the instruments ready for operations.

@_astronoMay ah, ok, thanks for the information. This is so exciting 😀

@_astronoMay So excited!

The (fake) test data, I'm curious, how does the output look like? Is it something like a test pattern in old TVs? I mean the overall idea. It's called test data so you can test your processes. So you must expect something verifiable on the output end, right?


Can't wait!

Also, eager to see the real life results (when you get permission to share them!).

@_astronoMay It’s so freaking cool you’re sharing the process with us. I can’t wait!


Sort of! On July 12th there is a news conference at 10:30 eastern to release the first full-color images. Over the next 48 hours they'll be making data from the commissioning phase available, as well as data from the science programs that have been observed up until that point.

Real science data has already been taken! They just won't give it to the teams until after that news conference :( The data set I'm waiting on is actually scheduled to be observed July 10th!

@_astronoMay your previous threads were super interesting!

...that said, the fediverse is typically slower than twitter and people will still be here to listen/read whenever you have the energy/motivation to post cool space stuff 😁


Thank you! As much as I love sharing science with you all, it is essentially work for me and I've been trying to step back from overworking for a bit so I can have a bit of a mental break before we get our JWST data. Because I know once I get access to that I'll be working overtime on analysis!

@_astronoMay we're absolutely blessed to have you in the small Internet! 🙇

Congratulations on everything!

@_astronoMay 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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