With Europe now reporting more coronavirus cases than the United States, Brazil and India, according to World Health Organization figures, many governments are closing down pubs and bars or limiting their opening hours in the hope of avoiding wider lockdowns.
It's bad news for drinkers, from Brussels to Paris to Edinburgh, and will bring more pain for the embattled hospitality sector. But will the strategy work?

America's Medical Supply Crisis - Why was the United States left scrambling for critical medical equipment as the coronavirus swept the country? With the Associated Press, FRONTLINE investigates the fragmented global medical supply chain and its deadly consequences.

Despite showing symptoms of the coronavirus, a 26-year-old US citizen allegedly went out partying in the Alpine resort of Garmisch thus starting a wave of infections in the town. thelocal.de/20200913/us-woman-

B.t.w.: this was our first ever "toot" (Mastodon's equivalent of a tweet just with more space to write).
We belong to a - not to big, no worries - group of folks that got screwed over by with unjustified suspensions, limitations of accounts and labeling of accounts that have a derogatory reflection on visitors. That all is topped by an incompetent support. We had it with them!

Human activities have caused the world to lose two-thirds of its wildlife in the last 50 year. The decline is happening at an unprecedented rate and time is running out if we don't act now.
The decline threatens human life as well.
"The findings are clear," the report states. "Our relationship with nature is broken."
In the American tropics population sizes decreased by a staggering 94 percent.
Human-caused climate change is another growing driver.


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