they have standards for the web???? then why are they letting you post lmao

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@a_lizard yes, the standards are set by Google, Apple, microsoft and mozilla

@qorg11 @a_lizard I cant tell if this is supposed to be a genuine reply or not.

@qorg11 @a_lizard No no, don't worry. I looked at your instance URL and I knew it was a genuine reply to a joke post.

@sexybenfranklin @a_lizard Ik it was a joke post, but i always like to remind people that the web is standarized by big corps :DDDDDD

@a_lizard Because the standards are so low they're set by W3C.

@a_lizard "World Wide Wrestling Confederacy - Your one shop stop for web standards."

Though it's more of a website, so
"One site shi-" wait, no.

@a_lizard Awh shit, they’re gonna start the ancient tradition of spewing brain worms everywhere now :(

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