compiling all my creative efforts into a single thread

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starting with the symmetry painting nonsense i get on with when i'm bored

variations on the same thing, all intended to be desktop wallpapers, never used any, lol

i should redo something like this when i get my linework tighter

[curator voice]
and this piece is titled:
"5g ruined my dick and my cat no longer respects me"

dick 9/11 

ayo here's dick 9/11 that i never finished

EC, like a lot of EC, possibly trypophobia 

sorry idk much about trypophobia

when i saw a cool desert rock album cover and wanted to emulate it

i think i was dicking around with the blending modes in the art program i just got when i made this

you might recognize this and the and mountains above from my profile picture

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dick 9/11 

@a_lizard im in tears this thread was so much more than i could ever have hoped

dick 9/11 

@myconidiosyncrasy we're about halfway done, i think

dick 9/11 

@a_lizard this reply has me feeling Exactly like when a show i love gets approved for a second season

dick 9/11 

@a_lizard in the finished version the plane will have hit the northern penis

dick 9/11 

@truckfreak penis 7 will have been blown up

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