young person: i haver a problem
boomer: yeah well i have 300 problems and you don't hear me complaining, except for now, the most inopportune time for me to do, check mate snowflake

@a_lizard the real problem is that boomers problems are of their own making, while most of ours arent

@ItsJenNotGabby @a_lizard Hahaha! Youthful arrogance... Here. Have a fucker from your gen. Every generation has it's luzers and scumbags. There are women who go to MBA courses at ivy league skools just to meet and possibly marry a scumbag potential millionaire like this. Get over your generational self, kid.

@ItsJenNotGabby 🤣 One day YOU'RE going to be the "Boomer". Me at 15. I had just clobbered a cop with a rock at an antiwar protest. What do YOU do for fun, kid? I mean besides evading the fact your gen does nothing except consume shit and do meaningless work serving rich pigs you want to emulate... actually that describes most every generation. A meaningless and divisive term.

@ItsJenNotGabby Here. Have another Fucker from your generation. He thinks bottom-fishing real estate is how you make money in a California kollege town where kids get 'degrees' in 'art studio' then go home to mommy and daddy and spend the rest of their lives working as 'baristas', 'servers' and other REALLY USEFUL things all the while bitching that the previous gen, just like theirs, is somehow a 'problem'.

@ItsJenNotGabby Your vocabulary seems... unm... limited. A product of a private skool ejumication no doubt. Bye, kid.

@ItsJenNotGabby Is that something you bought that's made with Chinese sweatshop labor, because you've never really done one hard day's work at anything socially useful in your short, well-entertained life, kid?

@Pelican3301 Im bored with you now and Ive finished my workout, so imma be honest with you:

My dude, I work in healthcare, primarily with low income people, and have for pretty much my whole career. Get fucked, you absolutely worthless piece of shit.

@ItsJenNotGabby My ex was a Registered Nurse. Took the job because of the money. What's your point, kid? You seem to think 'generations' matter. They don't. Human behavior remains unchanged thru the millenia, including Bushs and Trumps and Zuckerfucks. Well, except for...

@Pelican3301 And yet here you are trying to tell me you're SO much better thN me. No wonder your ex left you. Eat shit old man

@Pelican3301 Also, I absolutely LOVE that youre insulting health care workers in the middle of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. You really are a waste of oxygen, and I hope the universe remedies that soon.

@ItsJenNotGabby I don't believe in your bogus 'pandemic'. If you actually read CDCNIHFDA dox instead of believing the sensationalized garbage on teevee and the 'news' you'd know what I mean by bogus. I'm pre-vax gen and had all the childhood diseases. So did my parents and grandparents. My grandma took care of me while my mom continued working. Sorry your grandma doesnt live across the street and you can't afford to be sick or you'd end up homeless and jobless in a downtown doorway.

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