me, crying: it's not an aux cord, stop calling it that oh god

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becoming fully jokerfied when i call every kind of cable an aux cord

@a_lizard I simply had to get over this because no one is going to call it a 3.5mm TRS cable. It needed a better name if people weren't going to just call it whatever.

@a_lizard in my head interconnects are any cable that's like 6" long.

I'd love it if we had names that are descriptive, specific, and usable by normal people, but it really seems to be a pick 2 of 3 thing for some reason

@a_lizard I used to try calling it a 3.5mm but people always go "what's that? is that like an aux cord?"

@a_lizard (me, levitating, asking if I can sync up to your cars bluetooth) bro can you pass me the aux

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