yall ever uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pictures of stars???

i don't have a tripod someone give me tripod money

here's another attempt at night sky photography, don't like the composition of this one as much idk

and also just some stars, the effective 85mm focal length of this camera making for less impressive shots of star fields

also i think the mirror flipping introduced a bit of shake in the images i took, i think there's a setting for it somewhere i gotta figure that out

oh...... OH.... cranking the exposure and fixing the black level........

@a_lizard Very pretty; Looks like alot of light pollution though.

@Taquill thats a sunrise in it's very early stages, i can only get out at like 4:30, giving me like 30 mins to get to where i need to be and shoot before the sunlight washes everything out lol

@a_lizard Thanks alot for that description, I felt like I was almost there. How's the weather?

@Taquill pretty perfect for something like this, bit chilly but no wind or anything

@a_lizard Much noise in the area? Is there the sound of cars rolling by or is it secluded?

@Taquill some early birds heading to work but nothing major, it was 5 in the morning or something lol

@a_lizard Damn, dedication. Keep up the great work. It's nice to see some pictures that aren't of this distant mountain that no normal person would ever see.

@Taquill most of my pictures are taken within walking distance

@a_lizard Comfy ^-^

I can barely get up for studies and work, I don't understand how you can go it for a picture (a good one at that) but for a picture to share with us ^-^

@Taquill it's easy, alarm goes and i'm like "holy shit i can photograph STARS"

@a_lizard looking at stars makes me want to fly

childish i know

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