guy: you still use an mp3 player with wired headphones???
same guy: hey do you have 2 usb c chargers cause i listened to music for an hour

"why is the desktop version of [thing] dogshit?"
1. they can gather much more data from ur phone, hence trying to railroad you into apps
2. they just use a webbrowser with the mobile site loaded as desktop app

remember that fucking sonos speaker that got bricked by an update cause they want you to get new ones?

technology companies can just, sell anything up to and including data about your heartbeat, which i feel like should fall under some fucking medical laws?

"my watch can detect when i'm getting excited about something i'm seeing on my phone, which can help companies target ads to me better"


saw someone calculate that buying an album off someones bandcamp for 20 bux is about what theyd make if you streamed their music on spotify for a year and a half straight not only do I have to pay a subscription fee that barely goes to the artist I listen to but I am unable to use it in the way I want

@a_lizard I saw someone talk about that as "you should stream music while your phone is on mute to give money to artists!", which, uh, is an absolutely heroic missing of the point

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