@diffractie blue states can counterspell and red states can lightning bolt

One thing moving to a small country has helped reinforce is how completely meaningless a celebrity's opinion is. "[Some name you've never fucking heard of] thinks society has 'gone too far' from traditional family values" or whatever really doesn't have the same impact, but why would it be different if I recognized their name? Thanks for your opinion Jeff, I'll file that under "shit some random guy thinks" and throw the whole cabinet right into a lake

Falls jemand hier ein 9€-Ticket möchte, aber knapp ist mit Geld, melde Dich gerne per PN (ohne Angabe von Gründen).


What did the mermaid say when she figured out how to calculate her chest circumference and bust size? 

It's basic algae bra

The internet makes so much more sense when you realize that a lot of people are the type of men who leave comments on porn videos

The only part that surprised me was when Musk said he had been voting Democrat up to this point (probably a lie), otherwise it all tracks...fuck him

@forever@fedi.nullob.si it's certainly deadly for the queer people around them, historically

@schratze @cinebox @kgerloff @rysiek @duffel instead of gay people, the *real* affront to the institution of marriage was the oopsie whoopsie drone strikes we met along the way

@duffel @schratze never underestimate capitalism's ability to think up new and exciting ways to murder people

Happy Nazi Germany Got Its Shit Kicked In Day to all those who celebrate!

Ha! Für Leute wie Korte die behauptet die meisten Kinder die sagen sie sind trans würden später wieder detransitionieren, gibts jetzt eine neue Studie die man ihnen um die Ohren hauen kann: publications.aap.org/pediatric

Ergebnis: "94% of trans kids maintain their trans gender identity after 5 years while another 3.5% identified as nonbinary"

Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism


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