Ich vermute, das ist Eskalationsstufe 3 nach "Bitte keine..." und "... nicht gestattet."

Als Stufe 4 schlage ich vor, einen Fluch anzudrohen.

She says she's completely healthy again and she indeed looks very much better than a few days ago. But this she may not go outside yet.

Just the we had hoped for: reunited with this lovely little girl. She is slimmer than she should be and she isn't cured yet. But optimism is high.

Dear week! Please do not stretch that wide between sunday and

Thank you 😘

each and every one of us would be friendly to a random today; just a little , nothing more. Wouldn't that be enough to make the just a wee bit better by tonight? I think I'll try.
Anyway: have a nice everyone!

Kann mir bitte jemand eine gute - empfehlen? Kriterien:

· keine Software-Installation (meine IT mag das nicht)
· Verbindung per USB (kabellos mag meine IT nicht)
· nicht nur über Amazon oder Ebay zu kriegen (das mag ich nicht)

· qwertz-Layout
· mit Ziffernblock
· Entf+PgUp+PgDn müssen auf Ebene 1 liegen

Ich habe jetzt ein Periboard330 (siehe Bild). Ich mag daran: das Scrollrad in der Mitte. Ich mag daran nicht: die Tasten.

Danke fürs !

The just loves it when New Year's Eve happens at home: getting her tummy tickled is her favourite way to start a new year and a new

Hello @TheGuardian

I'm sure someone of you covers the meeting in . Will you please ask when that farce on the extradition will end? He must be released now.
It is in your own interest to make sure you are free to publish whatever is in public interest, right? It is in our interest as citizens that we have access to such information. .
Thank you very much!
(l know you are on mastodon so l include my mastodon handle instead of an email adress.)

I've got a very dear friend who's taste is completely different from mine. I found the perfect double for her and I just know:

💓 She. Will! Go!! MAD!!! 💓

@stux @islieb

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