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Join 🍀 in DC March 17 if you can.
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The Convo Couch
Fiorella Isabel & Craig Pasta Jardula
with Jonathan Mayorca
Joe Bombs Syria
$15min wage SCRAPPED
Saudi Prince MBS on his way out?
& more!
Protest in DC Mar 17, 2021
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United Heath Professionals
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Does anyone know a website that can search for the RAM technology and clock speed of motherboards/chipsets/laptops?

I have some spare chips laying around, and need to know if a certain machine that someone is selling is compatible.

The Convo Couch
Craig Pasta Jardula & Fiorella Isabel
Jonathan Mayorca
AOC & Dems...Cages are now "Facilities"???
Biden's Priorities
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It’s Time for Major Wealth Redistribution — Yes, I Mean It
Lee Camp, comedian, activist, political & social commentary

The Kids Are Still In Cages
& Neera Tanden still believes in stealing oil to pay for invasions (Libya), outed a victim of sexual harassment & worse
Richard Medhurst

ThanksQ🤯 😡🤬
The Catalyst For An Authoritarian Police State
Jason Bermas
[Naomi Wolf "It's an emergency" the fight is to unite & preserve our Constitutional freedoms]
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Hard Lens Media
Kit Cabello& Daniel Luepker
Dislike Neera Tanden? You Are Bad Says Neera Tanden, Buffalo Man Sues Police


Feed The Homeless, Go To Jail
Slow News Day
w/Keith McHenry of Food Not Bombs
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Krish Mohan,comedian & social/political commentary.
Why We Have To !
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Mni Kin Wiconi ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏼✊

Hard Lens Media
Kit Cabello & Daniel Luepker
Neera Tanden Goes Down
California UBI,
Joe Manchin Curses The Poor
MidWest based & discussion

Thought Crimes
Slow News Day
Steve P & Glory Jones
w/ Jason Bermas
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Knowing the US/UK national media has a disturbing history of misleading the general public, is it that great a leap to consider that profit is driving the reporting today?

The Convo Couch
Fiorella Isabel & Craig Pasta Jardula
Jonathan Mayorca
Cuomo Nursing Homes Scandal
w/ Taylor Hudak
Nina Turner, Malcolm X & more!
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Facts On The Ground
Misty Winston & Jesse Zurawell
with Vanessa Beeley, from Syria
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SND Live w/Piers Robinson
Join Slow News Day Show
Steve P & Glory Jones
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Learning at 12 the history we're taught is incomplete at best, I seek information outside corporate "news" (I am not the only one who knows they are agenda driven by advertisers & others)
Effective treatments for SARS-CoV2 EXIST

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