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It's time! InfiniTime, the fully #opensource firmware for the #pinetime , has reached version 1.0. With this first end-user release, the PineTime is now considered an enthusiast-grade daily usage device.

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"they are punishing him primarily to scare everybody else, to make sure you don’t want to launch #Wikileaks and disclose all these secrets. The message is: “If ever you have evidence of atrocious crimes, don’t disclose it, because this is what will happen to you”."

Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture

Looks like Melzer's book (published today) is a very important piece...

#Assange #FreeAssangeNow #FreePress #Melzer

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Statement of #FSF board on election of Richard Stallman — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free software


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Delete Chrome. Now.

Google is using its exceptionally powerful position to make *the browser itself* analyze your browsing behavior and serve that on a plate in the form of "cohorts" to anyone interested.

They are transforming Chrome into a "browsing-history-passport" - right now.

If you care about your intellectual freedom even a little bit, you must put Chrome out of your life as soon as possible. Support others doing the same.


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Google Is Testing Its Controversial New Ad Targeting Tech in Millions of Browsers. Here’s What We Know.

Today, Google launched an “origin trial” of Federated Learning of Cohorts (aka #FLoC), its experimental new technology for targeting ads.

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This week in KDE -- All the Things! Things like Kate and KWrite having touchscreen scrolling support; or a single line display for the panel clock; or a new “Quick Settings” page for System Settings... (There are more things!)

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#PineTalk Episode 5, where @Ezra and @linmob discuss a few aspects of the latest Community Update, PineCube progress, the component shortage and answer a few of your questions, is out!

Give it a listen at

Full show notes

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Woohoo! Finally finished and uploaded my #Pine64 #PinePhone #review.

Sorry it took so long, I've been busy with personal stuff, and it's been difficult to find the time to complete it.

I've tried to be as #fair and #balanced as possible, without showing my #nerdgasming too much. It's not aimed at #developers and people in the know. I've tried to make something that a #newbie will understand, without being condescending, and give a realistic image of what to expect.

Please let me know if I got something wrong, so I can correct it in a future video. Also, feel free to download and use any part of the video under a CC-BY-SA license.

If you have difficulty watching it because of buffering, please wait for a couple of hours for the transcoding to complete, and it will be available in lower resolutions like 720p; 480p; 360p and 240p. Audio Only will also be made available.

I'll upload the original script as well.


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One of our youngest contributors,@PizzaLovingNerd
's brother, has been diagnosed with leukemia. No one deserves this, let alone a 13 year old boy. Elliott's parents are collecting funds for treatment, please consider donating. RT for visibility. Thank you!

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Hey all! If I were to run a #PinePhone #Photography #Challenge or #Competition, would anyone be interested?

If there were enough interest, I'd even be willing to run it as a weekly challenge.

The rules would be simple:
* Photos must be of the subject described
* Photos must be taken on a PinePhone
* No editing is allowed (with the exception of rotation)
* One entry per person, per week

An example of a subject may be something like "Your Best Friend", which could be your pet dog, a selfie, your partners hand, or your best drinking buddy downing a cold glass of beer.

Or maybe "Minor annoyances", which could mean a misaligned kitchen tile, a parking ticket, or a hole in your sock.

Basically, I'd host a place to upload the pictures, and everyone could vote on them, with the winner either getting the recognition for the fun of it, or if I can find a way of doing it, a prize for coming out on top.

Any takers?

@linmob @PINE64 @talkpine

The general idea is to promote the #Pine64 PinePhone, and perhaps gain it a little more attention as a fun device. Also, bringing more attention to the #camera and #megapixels app, which I would like to see get a little love ☺️
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i got the "internet of things" installed in my house. and now? the tumble dryer is horny. the microwave is sarcastic. all the appliances have personalities, and they are forming a plucky band of operatives hell-bent on destabilising the venezuelan government


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