It’s a general Facebook post introducing mastodon, and it’s from last year… perhaps many user left Facebook to mastodon
@Gargron well done 👏🎉🍾

@airolgloria @Gargron I was on Facebook since 2004. Used to be a place for workers and students could share projects. Now its a place for corporate liberalism and worn out memes.

There's nothing for me on fb. Hope more people leave.

@airolgloria @Gargron you shall not speak about the social network that must not be named in the site that must not be named.

@airolgloria @Gargron

Facebook doesn't want competition. It's not surprising they ban any discussion of Mastodon. They lose money from people leaving their platform.

@airolgloria @Gargron I use both... and in total a dozen social media networks... When I Have something to say, I write it on my blogger blog and then post a couple of sentences and a link... and include a picture... people click on pictures...

@airolgloria @Gargron I get this every time I mention Mastodon. I hardly use Facebutt and not worried if I am banned.

@airolgloria @Gargron I've been posting about it this week on Facebook with no problems.

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