Today I openned a ko-fi account. It’s not a serious attempt to raise blogging funds, but I thought it would be fun to see what happens.

I haven’t linked to ko-fi because this post is not a hint - I know all microbloggers need coffee too; and on Saturdays, lots of craft beer. 🤗

Isn’t it odd how some services enable users to delete accounts with the click of a button. And then some like ConvertKit make you write emails and then send them through a legal department. 😳

Oh dear. It’s been five days since I posted to Microblog and Mastodon. That’s one side effect of spending time changing my main blog’s theme.

Everyday life is now resumed.

📷 🏃 I managed to snap my friend on today’s run. He never waits for me to get close, so I had to stop running and walk slowly up to where he was perched.

Forgiveness has the power to transform how we feel, not only about other people but about ourselves. It's not easy but worth the effort.

Isn’t it amazing how beautiful plants grow from the smallest of seeds? Nature provides a beautiful place, and we need to take better care.

📷 🏃‍♂️I surprised myself with a nine-mile run today in glorious sunshine. The fields showed that it’s not only winter that provides bright whites.

But the highlight was seeing buzzards and crows fighting for supremacy over a newly ploughed field.

iOS app subscriptions receive a lot of user criticism. But some apps are offered at a reasonable cost. Here are a few of my favourites for 2021.

📷 While sensible neighbours get ready for bed, we are calling the cats. But on a mild moonlit night, it’s not easy. They listen but vote to stay outside. We’ll give them a bit longer. 😻

Don't wait until life throws a curve ball before you start exploring . Start now but avoid the mistakes I made.

It’s not looking good for the iPhone Mini.

Was the iPhone 12 mini a mistake? - Input via

📷 I was tempted, but there was nowhere to hang my clothes.

This week I have stopped using an app to track or time meditation. Hours, minutes, sessions accumulated; what does it matter except practising and being in the moment?

Soon, only Bear Notes, Paste and Halide II will be the last remaining iOS subscriptions on the iPhone.

I’m waiting for the delivery of my wife’s new iPhone 11 Pro. She is upgrading from iPhone 7, and my experience with the iPhone 12 Pro Max help steer us away from ceramic shields and steel edges. I’m somewhat envious already.

📷 🏃 One five-mile run and one sore foot achieved today. And the weather was nice.

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