One of the trickiest items to buy must be office chairs for home working. On Amazon, there are hundreds of chairs, all with dubious five-star ratings. I scroll for a while, then run away.

I enjoyed today’s brief introduction to the new job. My new boss is amiable and down to earth. The new office is silent due to the working from home arrangements, so remote working carries on.

After hours of reading reviews, I’ve ordered the Bowers and Wilkins PX7 headphones. The Sony MX4 seem overhyped, but all brands received hit and miss reviews.

The iOS app has been heavily criticised lately, which was my main concern.

I accompanied tonight’s pizza with Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout. Shout out to @mjdescy for the recommendation.

📷 Confession time. I’ve abandoned the photo challenge. But out on today’s walk, I was captured by the peace and scenery. It was good to see families enjoying themselves.

Oh no, what have I done!

I have just opened an account with an online craft beer supplier. First order is on its way. 😊

📷 Day 24: Baby

Someone should have told him that smiling a lot will only line the face in years to come.

📷 Day 23: Bananas

Ah, I found some bananas. But obviously, from their state, I don’t go looking for them often enough.

Late 📷, Day 22: Spell

Tiredness nearly spelled the end of the photochallenge for me. Now I need to make sure downloading two plugins for WordPress doesn’t spell the beginning of a slippery slope. Don’t tell @jlelse one is for SEO.

Now I need to find some bananas. 😲

📷 Day 21: Colours

I love the change in nature’s colour as we begin transitioning to a new season.

White and fresh new greens.

📷 Day 20: Weather

Today’s weather was grey with 60 mile-an-hour winds. Good reason I think for staying in and transferring posts to the new blog.

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Coming from the WordPress world, it is so cool to be featured on the Tavern! Thank you! 😍

"Taking on the Major Players, Plausible Analytics Offers an Alternative, Privacy-Conscious Stats Service"

📷 Day 19: Alive

Here I am, diving into the memories again—this time celebrating being alive, on top of Table Mountain, Cape Town, October 2019.

📷 Day 18: at home

with my wife, is my favourite place in the world.

📷 Day 17: Still

I miss holidays but still have memories of beautiful times. Maybe next year we’ll travel to the Mediterranean again.

📷 Day 16: Erudite

This is one of many bookcases for the scholar in the home. My bookcase, however, contains starships, spy adventures and lots of explosions in high definition.

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Bit of an odd one. Some piano music just appeared on Deezer and reminded me of something.

When I was seeing a therapist back in 2019, in the first 10 minutes of our first session we talked about trauma and healing. He mentioned that yoga has a really high success rate in assisting with releasing "locked up" trauma. The shit your nervous system keeps hold of like a coiled memory.

I remember walking back from my first yoga lesson, listening to this song and suddenly bursting into tears. 1/n

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