It’s -1° so a good night for the fire and an opportunity to try out Spectre, a slow shutter app from the makers of Halide.

I’ll keep an eye out for a waterfall of course.

Looks like my reMarkable e-paper notebook is getting closer to shipping. I hope it’s not some other customer’s return from an earlier batch, after having watched YouTube reviews about jagged lines. 😮

I have virtually spent all day on Zoom, one meeting after another. My eyes are square, so time for something round. Click and Collect Pizza and craft beer booked for 6:30. Yay. 🍕🍕🍕

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#Apple was fined $12 million by the Italian government for making bogus claims about #iPhone waterproofing and not covering water damage under their warranty.

$12 million?

Apple made $64.7 BILLION last fiscal quarter.

That's over $703 million per day.

$29.3 million PER HOUR.

What possible punishment or deterrent can a $12 million fine be to a company that makes more than that in the time it takes to watch an episode of The Office?

I visited my town of birth for a dental check-up tonight. Nothing remarkable but the light show helps give the sparse high street a Christmas feel. And so it should, for £500,000.

It is getting harder to keep the pace for . Day time work is back to normal levels, and screentime is becoming an issue. But not all screentime is a strain, especially when I’m streaming the 1970s.

Isn’t running supposed to get more comfortable with training? I’ve been running for over six years, and it’s feeling harder these days. If I go any slower, I won’t be able to pass pedestrians.

Tonight I experimented for the first time trying to capture the moon. As the lunar body rose in the sky, it came to reinforce my sense of belonging. Right here, right now. I don’t want to be anywhere else.


Only one day remaining for the microblogvember challenge. I can hardly believe the end of November is upon us.

I took today at a pedestrian pace. After springing out of bed at 11 am, I proceeded to drink coffee, research mini tripods for the new iPhone and then cut the grass.

Next, light the fire, put dinner on and enjoy some nostalgic 1970s TV.


At this time, I find myself judging people purely on whether or not they are wearing a mask. Is this good or unhealthy?


A recent dilemma that I’ve pondered is whether or not to keep three blogs. The challenge is not about writing, because the volume would be the same. I am more concerned about the cost and the sense of spreading content across three sites.


It’s strange how some days I could run forever, and other times like today I can’t wait to stop. 🏃🏃‍♀️📷

…to meet friends and family on Christmas Day might mean having to bury the same people weeks later.

The UK government’s decision to ease restrictions could have dire consequences for the New Year.

I realise it’s time to adjust my eating habits.

For the first six months of the pandemic, I lost a stone, but some weight has crept back on. If there’s one thing I need to do, it’s to stop using pancakes as a plate to hold my butter.


When I browse through the TV listings, I often wonder why so many shows are made, and if anyone watches.

Who would set their recorder or rush downstairs from the WFH room to see Outback Truckers at 5 pm? Or get out of bed to see Mega Shippers at 3 am?

The call of the open road helped me to complete a six-mile run. 🏃🏃‍♀️

Discoveries today included an ancient ring fort and a lonely standing stone. I had not seen them before.


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I agree with you.

Millions of Americans are traveling to celebrate the dumbest tradition - thanksgiving.

Sorry... I’ll risk my life for world peace, not manifest destiny.

The UK nations have agreed on Christmas COVID arrangements which permit households to mix and people to travel.

Covid-19: Three households can mix over Christmas in UK

The Scrooge in me thinks this will be a mistake and lead to a COVID surge in January.

Fewer living parents and the COVID pandemic mean less provision is needed this Christmas. Times change and I knew they would, but not when exactly.

As ever, I am grateful for the companionship of my wife today and every day.


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