To @chuckjordan and other appreciators of fluffy friends. This is Jules, one of my best friends.

The rain is coming down so strong, I can hardly hear myself think. 🌧

I hope the five-star review I gave for Gluon helps @vincent and compensates for the unnecessary one-star someone else entered.

📚 I hope no one shoots the messenger. Some thoughts on a short book about a different kind of love.

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Ironically I told a colleague today I rarely run 5K, and usually a lot more. 🏃🏃‍♀️

Well, I’ve got my comeuppance. I could only run 5K tonight. My legs felt like lead.

📷 Still, it was a beautiful sunset.

Online privacy needs to be more rigorous. Private firms have no right to track anyone.

I find it ironic that the BBC has become an activist on environmental issues, yet their listings magazine comes in a plastic bag with extra junk mail enclosed.

Another field mouse rescued today from the claws of death.

My wife will be disappointed. A friend sent me a box of what we thought was Portuguese wine, as an early birthday present. Which I’m sure would have been nice.

But never assume anything by its delivery packaging.

It was seven types of craft beer. 😁🍺

A drive through the Autumn countryside. We stopped to take the view at the Windy Gap, while we waited for Rita’s mini to get serviced.

Grand surroundings for brunch, before the semi-lockdown begins. French toast, bacon and maple syrup. I also had my first coffee outside home in seven months.

I struggle to understand our government in Northern Ireland. Last week they said COVID is spread by households and people having parties. So this week they closed restaurants, pubs and hairdressers for four weeks. Do they know what they are doing?

🏃🏃‍♀️📷 I took this photo of a nearby lough on yesterday’s lunchtime run. One reason I don’t join a running club is I don’t think they would appreciate the photo stops.

Seven months working from here. This is home, where I want to spend the rest of my life with Rita - nestled among the trees of an ancient ring fort.

, 12:42 BST.

Blogging helps me think; microblog proves a social community can have a heart.

I’ve decided to take Gluon out for a spin. Not the elementary particle that acts as the exchange particle for the strong force between quarks (according to Wikipedia), but the third party app for

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24-Hour Photo Challenge

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Local Time: 09:35AM

Still a bit depressed with covid, the city looks emptier. My backyard is this neighborhood: Bairro Alto.

A Day in The Life #aDayInTheLife

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