Out for a 6-mile run and I got a bit closer to a local bird of prey. I come across this one quite often. Every time it sees me, it moves to a tree further away. Buzzard or Red Kite, I’m not sure. 🏃‍♀️🏃📷
@danielmackillican on Mastodon and I are on a photo challenge.

@alangmarz @danielmackillican
Don't kill me. 😐
But something there looks baaaaadly photoshopped.

I may* be wrong.
... Am I? 🙃


@evelynyap @danielmackillican Oh, how very dare you 😊. I may have gone too far with the dehaze slider on the Lightroom app. That was to try and compensate for using 12 x digital zoom.

Perhaps untouched is best?

@alangmarz @danielmackillican
Yes. Untouched is better. 🤓👍 hehe

The first one you posted one had a glow around the bird and had the branch looking too different from the rest.

I dunno. I'm viewing it with a mobile phone. Maybe it looks better on a larger screen.

@evelynyap @danielmackillican Believe me, it looks worse on a large screen.

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