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I read and commented on issues other bloggers have raised about app subscriptions. I just had a bit more to get off my chest. However, I really do need to work on reducing my list - now at £1300 per year. Ouch.

I’m nearly enjoying season three of The Handmaid’s Tale. Season one was shocking, and season two nail-biting. But season three is a homage to Baroque art, in terms of cinematography and imagery. Imagery is fine, but not at the expense of the story.

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️I love my new running route, with miles more narrow country roads. Today’s lunchtime run was 7.8 miles, taking me by a spooky house and field upon field of maize.

I’ve started exporting my notes from Ulysses to iAWriter. Goodbye to another subscription. And speaking of subscriptions, here’s a fantastic (and very long) article from the iA blog on that very subject.

Sometimes, I’m relieved my wife doesn’t read my blogs. I may have stretched myself a bit thin across Ghost,, Microblog and Mastodon, but where else could I rant about the church next door?

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As much as I love the Ulysses writing app, the subscription model niggles me. I discovered new sign-ups are charged £49 per year (£38 for me). The cost is high for a minimalist writing app.

Time to dust down iA Writer and give it another spin.

In the mirror, you will only find what you want to see. When I use the mirror, my face looks unchanged, but when I see photos or the airport’s security snapshot, for example, the natural ageing is in front of me.

As much as I love the app, the model niggles me. I discovered new sign-ups are charged £49 per year (£38 for me). The cost is high for a minimalist writing app.

Time to dust down iA Writer and give it another spin.

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️Today on my lunchtime run, I wondered why it had taken six years to discover more of my local countryside. I can only guess that my longer runs are encouraging me to explore new routes. Today offered beautiful Autumn colours and quiet roads.

I love technology sites and could scroll for hours, missing out on life. But why do such sites feel the need to tell us how to do straightforward stuff?

Affiliate marketing in disguise?

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The tree was watching them again.

Every night, recently, that they'd been out to the garden, the tree had been there, staring.

It wasn't even there a month ago, but now... unmissable. Huge, too. Intimidating. Its shadow covered the whole garden in a miserable permashade.

And yes, now it had turned its attention to them, the human residents. It didn't have eyes, or a face, but they knew. It was watching them.

What did it want?

It never left, but it never said.


Years ago, I loved the cinema. As a kid, I begged my parents to take me. Pre-COVID my view changed. The prices, messy floors, other guests slurping cola and munching overpriced polystyrene. Sorry, I mean popcorn. No wonder Chris Nolan’s new film failed to pull me in.

I can’t settle on a name for the microblog. I wanted to show an affiliation to my long-form blog, Say It With The Light On.

micro.sayitwiththelighton is a mouth full, so now I’m trying micro.light - a bit snappier. Whatever the name, it’s still Alan trying to write.

I need to find alternatives to the many products I pay a subscription to use. First on the hitlist was Pocket, the storage and read later bookmarking app.

Thanks to @maique, who inadvertently led me to Goodlinks. Not the same as Pocket, but close enough to avoid £35 per year.

If there’s one thing more costly than my list of subscriptions, it’s my shopping bill at Amazon.

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I have mixed feelings about the weekend. Saturday, I raced to the city to buy a birthday present for Rita, then delivered face coverings to Mum. Rita’s birthday dinner was lovely.
Today, it rained. I put on new door handles and locked myself in the toilet. Next: Monday.

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This just showed up on my Mastodon timeline. I don’t usually share these, but somehow it felt right this time… 💬

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