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Isn’t time Apple stopped putting silly little stickers in the packaging? It amounts to hundreds of millions of bits of plastic the environment doesn’t need - added every year.

It’s time to steady the nerves and go naked around the house.

I don’t mean in a state of undress. I mean to avoid using a case for the new iPhone.

Since working from home, I have tended to keep my iPhone bare. I only slip on something when I’m going to the shops.

It’s 1 o’clock and very dark. The house seems spooky with little light for the time of day. Still, there is one little ray of sunshine. My iPhone 12 Pro Max Super Duper has arrived.


I bought the new WriteFreely app to support the blogging project. With such a good blogging platform in, I treated the app as a virtual tip jar. Plus I get a new writing medium for the phone.

After criticising YouTube vloggers for promoting screen protectors, guess who has ordered a couple from dBrand? Well, what have I got to lose other than $20, and $10 tax, and shipping, and my confidence because I’ve caved in to my inner fear of a scratched screen. 😨

I guess I need to work a few extra hours during the weekend. Tasks are starting to pile up, and I need to get things done.


Tomorrow will mark eight months since I regularly attended an office for work. I still wear the same type of shirts, however. Dressing for work at home keeps me in the right frame of mind. I can’t even think when wearing pyjamas, only drink coffee or sleep.


I received a new Nomad folio case today in readiness for the new iPhone 12 Pro Big Max. I feel a little guilty because the case has travelled the world already: Hong Kong, Japan, France and England, then to my front door. Let’s not talk carbon footprint.

1983: I was to meet a girl at the youth club. Panic set in because I couldn’t dance. Delving into my records, I pulled out McCartney/Jackson’s 12’ single Say Say Say. I spent a week bending my knees, shuffling my feet to the beat. I didn’t dance, not then or since.


It looks like Google will skew your search results even more from next year.

I think Google’s action will favour large companies that can afford the best quality web hosting.

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I love how many YouTube influencers care about protecting our iPhones from scratches. They’ve done all kinds of tests…no wait a minute. My mistake, they’re pointing us to their affiliate links.

I’ve had six iPhones and not one has been dropped or had a scratched face.

🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️It was a grey day but I still clocked up a four-mile run. Despite the dull light, and thanks to @bsag, I had this bright watch face to look at. I had no idea this face was available until @bsag blogged about it.

Could this be the reason why online put a note out to say it was experiencing an influx of new members? Parler may not be the platform for unbiased social media much longer.

Parler ‘free speech’ app tops charts in wake of Trump defeat - BBC

We've all encountered them at some stage. They make your life a misery. But don't despair. Together we can overcome the boss from hell.

It is strange how my most popular posts, or most read, are those that are the quickest to write. In other words, when I don’t have to force the words.


During the week, I reflected on some of the lessons I’ve learned in life. Then I decided to share them.

10 Thoughts to Make Life Easier.

Thankfully, I’m no longer in a bind over which new iPhone to choose.


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Healing doesn't mean embracing or normalizing hate, racism, fascism, theocracy and so means filling in the place where those things were excised with health, compassion and decency. Celebration and joy are the order of the day, but then on to the hard work of this kind of healing.

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