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We had surprise hail today. It almost looks good enough to eat. 😊

Seems there are more Timeline issues on 🙁

On today’s walk, I went through a hole in the hedge to capture the stream hidden at the roadside.

I can’t believe Paul Ritter, from Friday Night Dinner has died. Such a young age and by the same illness that took my Dad.

Paul Ritter: Friday Night Dinner star dies at 54

We got our second COVID vaccination today. It will be interesting to see if there are any side effects this time. I felt tired for a few days after the first jab.

Tonight we walked to the quarry and back in lovely sunshine. The quarry is a mile away from home and remains unnoticed, except for the occasional blast.

It’s a beautiful sunny day, blue sky and the sound of spring all around. But I’m afraid my number one task is to start decorating the living room after getting the leaking back-boiler replaced.

📷 I couldn’t stop staring at the Sun on tonight’s walk. The forsythia shone too.

I’m so embarrassed. I’ve quit Medium for the third time.

No matter how hard I try, I just can’t get into it. What makes it less attractive than ever before is the obsession many writers have in creating volume to earn money on the partner program.

📷🏃 I thought I was mad going on a run in the pouring rain. But then again…

Yoast has just sent an email about Google‘s new algorithm. Apparently Google is going to rank websites taking account of page experience. It’s a sad reflection on today’s web that, given the size of planet Earth, a website’s success hinges on one corporation.

📷🏃 A joyous day, with blue skies and the sounds of nature. My running is starting to get back on track with six miles today.

While another runner passed me quickly, I managed to pass a horse or two.

Today I noticed the first scratch ever on my iPhone. The first mark on a screen in eleven years.

So much for all the fanfare by Apple about their ceramic shield.

It looks like the YouTubers were right all along.

📷 🏃Another colourful sky and being out of breath stopped me in my tracks this evening.

“Which way should we go on our walk—left or right”?

“Let’s go right, towards the sunset”.


Do we know what love is?

This is my second attempt at defining love. I’ll keep trying, but perhaps it is indefinable.

I enjoyed Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work and must write a review.

Now my attention has turned to Friedman’s Trying Hard is not Good Enough. My new job links to Outcomes-Based Accountability, so best go to the source material. Friedman’s sense of humour will help.

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