Daily Bucket List Location #50... Upolu, Samoa. A south sea island paradise!. You can visit the capital, Apia and its deligjhts including the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, Samoan cultural shows, the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, the Papaseaa Sliding Rock (fun), the Sua Ocean Trench, the Piula Cave Pool and the Paolo Deep Marine Reserve just to name a few. Make sure you have some local cuisine from an umu (underground oven).

Africa has defied the covid-19 nightmare scenarios. We shouldn’t be surprised. While so much about the virus and how it operates remains unclear, sub-Saharan Africa so far has dodged a deadly wave of coronavirus cases. Many factors have contributed to this. A number of West African nations already had a pandemic response infrastructure in place from the Ebola outbreak of late 2013 to 2016. Well done Africa! washingtonpost.com/opinions/20

The Geminga pulsar, 800 light years from earth. (Photo courtesy Penn State University). So, if Methusaleh had been an astronaut and could travel at the speed of light, he would have made it out, but not back.

Daily Bucket List Location #49... Quito, Ecuador. The chief city and cultural centre is the second-highest capital the world (2,850 metres, 9,350 ft). People have lived here since 8,000 BCE. Its old town is the city’s historic district with local shops, restaurants, and colorful architecture along hilly cobblestone streets. You can ride the cable car to 12,000 feet and see several major volcanoes, take walking tours, visit the Presidential Palace and stand in the middle of the world. Fantastic!

Cyfarchion i'm cefndryd Cymreig! A Nigel Owens, fy hoff ddyfarnwr rygbi!

When he skipped his way into big-time cricket like a brash featherweight, they called him 'The Jones Boy'. By the time Dean Jones departed the international scene, he was history's man. Australia's batting wunderkind of the 1980s and '90s had done nothing less than revolutionise limited overs cricket. Very few affect sport the way Deano did, and the world id less of a place without him. Dead of a heart attack at 59. One of my favourite players. Unbelievable! abc.net.au/news/2020-09-25/dea

The Trifid Nebula or NGC6514 is located in the constellation Sagittarius. It is a star-forming region in the Scutum Spiral Arm of the Milky Way. Stunning!

Daily Bucket List Location #48... Lisboa (Lisbon), Portugal. Over a quarter of the population live in the Lisbon Metro area. Julius Caesar made it a municipium called Felicitas Julia,. Ruled by a series of Germanic tribes from the 5th century, it was captured by the Moors in the 8th century. In 1147, the Crusaders under Afonso Henriques reconquered the city and since then it has been the political, economic and cultural center of Portugal. Such a fascinating , old city with so much history.

Uzbeks search for answers and stability after deadly dam collapse. Six people lost their lives and 100,000 were temporarily displaced in both Uzbekistan and
Kazakhstan as a result of the disaster. Despite the scope of the tragedy, for the past four months, local officials have prevented journalists from investigating victims’ claims of mistreatment, and the causes of the disaster. More tragedy for normal everyday people. aljazeera.com/features/2020/9/

Pregnant Woman Jumps Into Water to Rescue Husband from Shark Attack in Florida. A man who suffered a “severe” shark bite while snorkeling in Florida with his family was pulled to safety by his pregnant wife, who leaped into the water to rescue him, according to authorities. Andrew Eddy, 30, was snorkeling on a private boat at Sombrero Key Light on Sunday when he was bitten on the shoulder by a shark “almost immediately” upon entering the water. True love! people.com/human-interest/preg

I love science fiction/fantasy artwork. This one shows Chani and a giant sand worm from Dune!

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has recognized a temperature reading of -69.6 degrees Celsius (-93.3 degrees Fahrenheit) from 30 years ago as the lowest ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere. The lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth was a reading of -89.2 C (-128.6 F) measured at the Vostok weather station in Antarctica on July 21, 1983. newsweek.com/coldest-temperatu

380 pilot whales dead, 30 still stuck after strandings on Tasmanian coast. About 30 whales are still stranded off the coast of Tasmania, with 50 transferred into deep water and 380 dead. Earlier on Wednesday, the third day the whales have been beached, Tasmanian wildlife authorities identified an additional 200 whales offshore - all of which were dead. The finding pushed the total number of whales stranded to 460. Sadness beyond belief! theage.com.au/national/200-mor

Jurisprudence, minority representation slow down Afghan talks. “We’re stuck”, that is how one delegate described the much-acclaimed intra-Afghan peace negotiations that kicked off in the Qatari capital, Doha, on September 12. After initial direct talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government-led delegation in Doha, the obstacle course keeps getting more complicated. But peace is more important than anything in this war-torn region. Peace be upon you all! aljazeera.com/news/2020/9/23/w

Repairing Humanity’s Relationship With the Planet Will Be Cheaper Than Continuing to Let It Slide!!! The choice is simple: accept devastating wildfires, extreme weather, species loss, and disease outbreaks or secure a sustainable future at a fraction of the cost. Prevention has always been cheaper and better than the cure! It is high time that politicians and big business got it through their thick skulls, so our grandchildren have a legacy! foreignpolicy.com/2020/09/21/r

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