Snow Scene at Argenteuil, Claude Monet, 1875. Awesome and evocative!

The red dwarf star TRAPPIST-1 is home to the largest group of roughly Earth-size planets ever found in a single stellar system. Located about 40 light-years away, these seven rocky siblings provide an example of the tremendous variety of planetary systems that likely fill the universe. A new study published today in the Planetary Science Journal shows that the TRAPPIST-1 planets have remarkably similar densities.

Located in the constellation of Virgo (The Virgin), around 50 million light-years from Earth, the galaxy NGC 4535 is truly a stunning sight to behold. Despite the incredible quality of this image, taken from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, NGC 4535 has a hazy, somewhat ghostly, appearance when viewed from a smaller telescope. This led amateur astronomer Leland S. Copeland to nickname NGC 4535 the “Lost Galaxy” in the 1950s. Simply stunning!!!

David Gilmour - " Coming Back to Life " Live in Pompeii 2016! Just beautiful and melodic.

Hall of Famer and longtime home run king Henry Louis “Hank” Aaron died Friday morning, his daughter confirmed to WSB-TV in Atlanta. The Atlanta Braves legend was 86. Aaron, a 25-time All-Star, played in MLB from 1954-76 almost entirely with the Braves organization — first in Milwaukee and then in Atlanta. In 1957 he led the organization to its first World Series title since 1914. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1982. RIP Hank, you are an inspiration.

Space station detectors found the source of weird ‘blue jet’ lightning. Blue jets zip upward from thunderclouds into the stratosphere, reaching altitudes up to about 50 kilometers in less than a second. Blue jets excite mostly stratospheric nitrogen to create their signature blue hue. The spark that generated the blue jet may have been a special kind of short-range electric discharge inside the thundercloud.

Trump leaves QAnon and the online MAGA world crushed and confused The prophecies did not come true. And people are fuming about it. Like a flipped switch, the attitude inside online QAnon communities shifted from glee to shock and misery: “NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENED!!!”; “So now we have proof Q was total bullshit”; “I feel sick, disgusted and disappointed”; “Have we been duped???”; “You played us all”; “HOW COULD WE BELIEVE THIS FOR SO LONG? ARE WE ALL IDIOTS?”

Van Halen - Respect the Wind, from the Twister movie soundtrack! Absolutely ethereal!

A Habitat at Ceres Could be the Gateway to the Outer Solar System. Dr. Pekka Janhunen‘s concept for a megasatellite settlement in orbit around Ceres, the largest asteroid in the Main Belt is an example of a project that overcomes many of the big issues. This settlement would provide artificial gravity for its residents while the local resources would allow for a closed-loop ecosystem to created inside – effectively bringing “terraforming” to a space settlement.

The Funeral of a Viking by Sir Frank Dicksee. Sir Francis Bernard Dicksee KCVO PRA was an English Victorian painter and illustrator, best known for his pictures of dramatic literary, historical, and legendary scenes. Awesome!

I ❤️ Maps! The Great Green African Wall. The Great Green Wall is an African-led movement with an epic ambition to grow an 8,000km natural wonder of the world across the entire width of Africa. A decade in and roughly 15% underway, the initiative is already bringing life back to Africa’s degraded landscapes at an unprecedented scale, providing food security, jobs and a reason to stay for the millions who live along its path. Beyond fantastic.

Don’t worry about me. I am just a little branch in a big old tree!

Bucket List Location #84... Florida Keys, USA. Right now probably the warmest spot in the nation and no more hurricane season! Fantastic. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is the first undersea park in the country, Then maybe secluded Bahia Honda State Park, on Big Pine Key. On Key West visit the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum or go to Dry Tortugas National Park on a ski plane! Cool!!! Warmth, beaches, amazing food, and all that sea life. Covid-19 masks and sensibility are a must!

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