@alex_m So, when is this put together with libzbar and integrated into Cheese? 😍

@deaddabe Cheese probably never, but maybe somebody wants to integrate it into Decoder - they are free to. :)

Well, sorta. I didn't push it anywhere but if somebody wants to use it - can do it.

@deaddabe yup, that one. There was also a new camera app in development, but the person doesn't have time for it, so it's stalled. :(

Cheese specifically is just old and unmaintained (and is a photo booth app and not a proper camera one anyway). Plus, it uses clutter-gtk for its video view atm, so porting it to GTK4 is not easy.

@deaddabe correction: s/unmaintained/barely maintained/ but it's close.

@alex_m Thanks for the heads up. They seem to do very good work wrt. webcam support with #Rust, so it is just a matter of time before a proper GTK4 Camera app emerges? github.com/bilelmoussaoui/ashp

@deaddabe I meant gitlab.gnome.org/jwestman/came but it wasn't Rust.

But yeah, at this point probably makes more sense to start from scratch - that was GTK3 too, for example.

@fredrik I mean it's just a copy of an iOS effect, see alt text.

@fredrik oh huh. It's a tooltip here.

Anyway, the alt text was:

a GTK4/libadwaita demo implementing the iOS QR code scanner animation that happens after you've scanned a code but before launching Safari.

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