Wayland is annoying me. You can't game with it, a lot of apps don't work properly (screen recording usually), and fractional scaling doesn't work. I know it's technically "the future" but I haven't managed to keep Wayland as my main session more than a couple of days every time I tried. So I'm stuck on Xorg still...

@lobau you mean fractional scaling _only_ works with it?

Screen recording - I mean apps need to be updated, but we have built-in recording in shell, and for heavy lifting OBS works perfectly.

Games - they... work fine? No idea what you mean really.


@lobau to add to fractional scaling - a thing that only works in wayland is mixed DPI. Before I moved I had a setup like that - a hidpi laptop and a non-hidpi external screen, and wayland (with scale-monitor-framebuffer enabled) was the only session where it actually worked seamlessly. On X11 everything gets super jittery when you e.g. drag windows between the 2 screens, and you can forget about placing a window in between the 2.

For fractional scaling you need scale-monitor-framebuffer too.

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