@KekunPlazas wrote the intial version in September-October of the last year, before 1.0 was released. Due to time constraints it didn't land at the time and was sitting there. Now I have finally reworked and landed it.

Compared to GtkAboutDialog, it's adaptive and follows a newer design, but it also has a bunch of features to hopefully make apps less likely to poke into the dialog's inner widgetry. :)

For example, the Legal page displays the app's copyright and license info, but also allows to add additional sections for apps like Maps or Weather.

In addition to the Credits page, there's now an Acknowledgements page apps can use to for things like listing crowdfunding backers (Builder).

On Details page, apps can add long comments (KGX, Pika Backup), as well as arbitrary links besides the regular website one (Apostrophe).

Apps can also show a What's New section and display their release notes, for example after a big release.

For this one I implemented a whole AppStream description format parser. :)

Unfortunately, one thing missing is a way to automatically do translation on a per-paragraph basis like in metainfo files, so apps would either need to mark the whole string with markup as translatable, or use string concatenation with translatable parts. That said, most apps don't translate their release notes anyway…

One thing that would be interesting to investigate later is pulling this data (as well as a lot of other parts of the window) directly from metainfo, but that's surely for later.

Finally, the window layout doesn't get weird when specifying license text (as opposed to using license-type) or adding system info, so maybe more apps will make use of the latter. For example, Libadwaita demo now has elaborate debug info in there.

And then @brainblasted casually ports the whole GNOME to it in a few hours. :) Thanks :)

@alex_m@mastodon.online Awesome work and thanks for the nice thread!
The old About dialog is one of the things that feels super out of place with all the improvements we got and it is especially painful on Linux Mobile.
So I’m super excited for the new one!

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