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i guess i need context here since i'm sharing with newer ppl who don't already know me

i'm building an oscilloscope! from scratch! analog with CRT, modular like a tek 7k. and i'm posting about it because gimme attention plz

it lives here or here but i'm not always great at keeping those up to date

questions always welcome! advice isn't really wanted but won't be met with hostility. just kinda doing my thing over here

i keep trying and then just browsing a pile of them and never actually picking

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alright goddammit i need to pick a cooler instance tonight

but there's just so many!

we're definitely way past the point of being able to stop climate change, we might be able to lessen it but it's going to hit us like a ton of bricks...wouldn't it be dope if we could at least limit our suffering? and like...survive it to rebuild? i think that'd be pretty neat

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capitalism is like a virus that evolves to be greedier and greedier and eventually kills its host and dies off

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but hey, at least 69% of new cars will be electric by 2420 :))

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saw a thread on climate change that said "It’s already too late to reverse course, now we’re on to just mitigating damage" and thinking of how we're not even doing that

like maybe we could be preparing for the disasters we're causing too? since they're definitely gonna happen? but no, nobody's doing anything, and nobody will until it's too late and cities are underwater and people have drowned in it and everyone else is starving bc long-term altruistic planning never made anyone rich

THAT is the culture problem my little leftie corner of tech has: sanctimony

can y'all just take a break from sniffing your own farts for a little while?

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and y'all should also stop platforming people who contribute to this culture of sanctimonious insults toward everyone you disagree with in software by boosting it into my fuckin feed. go away

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the audacity fork is actually ok, surveillance is still bad even if it gets you fun stuff, and it's ok to disagree but you're a jerk if you do it by smearing the people you disagree with as "entitled" for thinking we should value privacy over helping companies improve their products

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kicad is actually pretty good for HDI if you use a devel build and file bug reports lol

i'd unfollow ppl for bad takes but there'd be nobody left

social media is bad

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i'm sure they'll get the hurd ported to x86-64 one of these days

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we need to pack the car pretty aggressively for the drive home, so i kinda stuffed molly's bed up front and it ended up making her a really cozy doggy spot that she's very fond of

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media feels, learning about tech (4/4) 

It's not that I think obscurity benefits anyone, but in our rush to shine a light on the mechanics of computering, we've completely neglected to engage with the political realities. All of us who let that mechanical excitement fuel our lives become cogs in the accelerating machines of inequity.

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