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will be a bit of fun analog show-and-tell-posting to work out its impedance and step response and design a preemphasis filter for it

though i *will* skip that if i can work out what it came from and find the schematics...

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ooh! this is a differential delay line meant to stash around the neck of a CRT - and looks like it has a rotation coil built in too! I was dreading sourcing both of those components - thanks fleabay!

shame the seller doesn't know what scope it came off, I'd like to have confirmed a few things about it first - but if I can't use it directly i can probably repack it into a useful form

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man goes to doctor, says he's depressed

doctor says the answer is simple, just add two numbers together, then add that number to the previous one, and keep doing that until you feel better

but doctor, I'm fibonacci

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god the discourse over here seems much less awful than on twutter

wash very well, apply 1 coat of the best named electrical surface coating, and cure for a day

pins are cut flush to avoid points that can poke through coatings, or seed corona (not a huge problem at 2kV but still good practice!) - see, hersheys kisses aren't always ideal

I ordered some HV wire and it came with a Special Surprise Inside

I know I sound like a massive fucking hipster rn but the "imperfections" of CRT monitors are just so charming

the little staticky noises when the brightness changes suddenly, the very subtle shift in image dimension for the same, the fact that I can't decide if my geometry is set right because the curvature of the display means I can't really decide what counts as a straight line lol

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