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i guess i need context here since i'm sharing with newer ppl who don't already know me

i'm building an oscilloscope! from scratch! analog with CRT, modular like a tek 7k. and i'm posting about it because gimme attention plz

it lives here or here but i'm not always great at keeping those up to date

questions always welcome! advice isn't really wanted but won't be met with hostility. just kinda doing my thing over here

crimping cables is a pain in the butt but at least it keeps me out of trouble for a while


i've used this stuff (AIM SAC305) before, but mostly just for reworks. it's always been "ok" for that, but they're usually really fiddly reworks and the pcb is more of a pain than the solder

one of the techs at work is really good at working with it and i have no idea how she does it

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decided to try leadfree solder again after a few years of declaring it 💩

bought some of the same stuff we stock at work, and started trying to solder up one of these crt boards using it

god this stuff is awful. like peanut butter on the end of the iron. it flows like shit

also interesting how it made a couple parts spontaneously break out in crystallized rough texture the moment i touched them with it


huh. usually the MG Chem flux remover i use is gentle enough not to remove markings, but it smeared labels on a few inductors and capacitors today. I think i was more aggressive with it than usual. little disappointed by the smudging on my beautiful boards :(

all y'all at work don't need to see me going full commie

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i guess also "locked" isn't the same here as it is on bird hell where it's a full "private" thing? i'm private-locked over there after too many interactions with coworkers lol

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now i want labels on the semiconductors too dammit


gonna order a couple boards that don't pass drc because the clearances are really complicated and setting them all up to be fully checked is a huge pita, pray 4 me

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here's my gross horrible code that puts color bands on resistors

i threw together a script to put color bands and labels on resistors

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We regret to inform you that Eddie Izzard is defending JKR. Class solidarity is a hell of a drug.

goodbye 2020 you evil little shit, it's time for me to kick the crap out of 2021 💖

all the cool little instances ask some form of "why are you here" on their signup form and my brain is way too messed up to even begin to figure out how to answer that sort of question

i think a couple more options would make masto CWs a little nicer to use:

- auto expand CWs matching `approved` list of words, except if they match `blocked` list

- auto CW non-CW'd posts if they match the same blocked list

- auto expand identical CWs in the same thread

- remember common keywords i used in CWs and suggest them to me when making a new post

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our capacitor will capacitate so fuckin well in a missile

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