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i guess i need context here since i'm sharing with newer ppl who don't already know me

i'm building an oscilloscope! from scratch! analog with CRT, modular like a tek 7k. and i'm posting about it because gimme attention plz

it lives here or here but i'm not always great at keeping those up to date

questions always welcome! advice isn't really wanted but won't be met with hostility. just kinda doing my thing over here

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it's amazing that there are entire masto instances dedicated to shitcoin fans

it's not remotely amazing that everything on them is dogshit

my roommate and i are both p good at food and it fuckin rocks

never really imagined myself having to say "i don't have 'dog cardiologist' money!" when we became friends :P

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the sweet baby 😢 vet appointments keep getting more common now


i've been trying to figure out for a long time why i couldn't pull off restaurant quality basmati rice. figured it was my technique

never occurred to me i was just buying crap rice. the roomie bought some this time and it was effortlessly amazing. i've been talking about how good the rice was for 24 hours

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endlessly resentful that "luddite" got redefined to "deadweight holding back innovation bc they can't set their microwave clock" from the original "badass who believed technology should benefit us, not our bosses"

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We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System
Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:

#1) Don't fight a cat.
#2) Use your brain.
#3) Use drugs.

my dog has moments where for just a few seconds, she is heartbreakingly cute. like so cute i want to fucking cry about how cute she is. and i wish i could share that with people


maybe it's just the depression and isolation talking, but as far as i can tell

1) social media brings out the worst in everyone
2) every single person is bad. Not in a "lol so nothing actually matters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" way, more of a "holy shit every one of you is so exhausting"

lindsay ellis, sexual assault, grouchy subtoot 

also if your take on someone feeling it necessary to go public with their own sexual assault in response to people shouting at them over social media drama is that it's "cringey" you are simply not a good person

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every time i act on my policy to just blanket block everyone who uses the word "cringe" or "cringey" for any reason i feel better and better about it


add masa flour to pancake batter.

bit of salt too, to offset the now decreased salt ratio

you're welcome

if you spend your downtime "recovering" from the stress of your job, you are actually spending 100% of your time on work

fucking capitalism

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