me: jesus christ i'm tired why didn't i go to bed two hours ago

also me: i should fire up ltspice and try out the novelty analog multiplier design i just dreamed up, right now

it worked in sim

idea was to create a few phases of a clock signal, use that to sample-and-hold the inputs, then build a precision pwm generator using one input as amplitude and the other as width. Then a resettable integrator to integrate each cycle of pwm into a value proportional to amp*width (so in1*in2), another s&h to hold the resulting integral each time, and a reconstruction filter at the end to remove stairsteps

works at audio freqs (fs=50kHz, fmax=20kHz). kinda want to build it

@cyborgar i don't...not...want to

but the project stack is so fuckin deep and sadly i have a real job too

it ain't happening

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