i get that opinions on professional tools are actually valuable for professionals but how do i filter out all the "why you shouldn't x", "y considered harmful" programming crap from my version of the internet, i'm not a programmer anymore

feels like if i had a hobby making birdhouses and had to constantly listen to ppl telling me i was bad for using my favorite tool for making my birdhouses bc that one doesn't let me capitalism enough

none of this has to exist anyway so it doesn't matter how i could make it better

@alexisvl it feels exactly the same as striving for efficiency so the CEO can get richer faster

@scanlime sadly kinda necessary if you do this professionally, have to convince that CEO to let you have a little bit of your labor value

I bailed out of that world though... the attitude is so much better in hardware IME. Yeah I need to keep up with professional development, but there's still a million ways to approach everything and ppl aren't constantly declaring mine harmful

@alexisvl @scanlime also we rarely do ground-up reinvention of the entire gorram industry every six months in hardware...

@agmlego @scanlime yuuup

I've grown very weary of the cycle in software where every little while, we decide all the stuff we used to do was Bad and Wrong (and frequently very excited descriptors like Hostile or whatever) and now we have to do the new thing, completely oblivious to the fact that we'll do the same with the new thing when we see the next shiny object

What's actually bad for workers is penalizing them for baking cookies instead of reading the latest code hottakes 24/7

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@alexisvl @scanlime I hope that, given a century or so, software will have matured the same way the other engineering disciplines have, and actually have standards and ethics and established practices.

@alexisvl @scanlime because I mean the early years of mechanical engineering, or electrical engineering, were kinda the wild West, you know? Lots of mistakes, lots of expensive (in material, in capital, in actual human lives) failures.

@agmlego @agmlego modern classical engineering has """ethics""" and engineers still build missiles

I'm gonna go against the grain and say what we really need is a healthy dose of realizing the standards and established practices aren't actually as important as we think and the salient ethical problem is that capitalism and imperialism incentivize unethical things, including disregard for safety and lives

@agmlego safety culture is very important to have especially in fields that make physical stuff, but I think that's a separate thing from "standards and established practices"

@agmlego i, uh, ok

that sounds a little passive-aggressive, I definitely was not trying to be 🤷‍♀️

@alexisvl no worries. I just have two major emergency renovations in my house right now, and the conversation went into a place I do not currently have spoons to respond to.

@agmlego that is extremely understandable.

just a bit wary of engineering "ethics" in that specific context after a bunch of lectures on the matter by ex Lockheed employees is all.

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