in hell, we all have to perform crt convergence adjustments forever, but our screwdrivers keep landing in the wrong trimpot and throwing off previous adjustments, and some of them secretly just don't do anything

alcohol, whining 

i have a hangover from two beers, wtf. i'm officially old now.

@cstanhope I tend to insist on connections - PDF search is nice but not always available - but organization is still good. The hierarchical style KiCad got me doing works really well for me. Everything is shown connected, but in block diagram form

whoops, forgot alt text

"very busy schematic of part of a CRT monitor, with lots of confusing groups of lines zig-zagging around the page"

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please do not draw schematics like this i am begging you

sometimes i'm all C'MON IT'S JUST STUFF! but other times god _damn_ does it hurt to watch people get beautiful old stuff and then clown around making a mess trying to "repair" it

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hey if you're a computer person would you like to fill out this form to see how well known these cursed computer things are?

i still experience a little zap of culture shock every time I'm reminded that princes are a real thing

@symbo1ics is it the flyback behavior specifically, or won't the circuit run at all?

@symbo1ics should be able to simulate it, just add switches to disconnect the power supply or load, and step their phasing to see how it behaves at different parts of the waveform

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I'm amazed how frequently people fail to realize "no political discussions" is a political stance pretty explicitly in favor of the status quo

@symbo1ics yeah there aren't too many ways to approach this. I can't remember why I put the inductor on the ground side

aww, don't think I'll be getting my pcbs in time for the weekend. NOW what am i to do with myself

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@symbo1ics if they have the inductor topside, they might be relying on slow shutdown or even allowing the transistors to avalanche occasionally

if it's at the bottom instead, the spikes get applied to Vbe and negative Vbe causes permanent degradation

this is my last one of these - it's not HV though.

@symbo1ics These kick pretty hard at shutdown (flyback on L1) and can also give spikes during operation depending on the leakage inductance. I usually add protection diodes for the former; the latter isn't a big issue with a good transformer

@recursive i got really pissed off after going down a transphobia rabbithole and decided if i couldn't punch all the people in the face i'd at least leave

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