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i made homemade english muffins and why tf can't the storebought ones be even half this fucking delicious

every time kicad adds a new feature it becomes something i can't live without. the buses with named members (basically knockoff altium harnesses) have been getting so much mileage at work

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it's not even lawns broadly that I have a problem with, it's front lawns

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The world's 125 poorest countries (2.5b people) have received zero covid vaccine doses to date. The 85 poorest countries project vaccination in 2023/24. This is #VaccineApartheid.

It's not that poor countries can't make their own vaccines. The Global South has a *lot* of vaccine production capacity. The problem is Big Pharma, which refuses to transfer the patents and know-how to repurpose those facilities for mRNA production.


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I think the existence and general public acceptance of leashes for toddlers poses a serious consistency problem for anyone arguing that witnessing an adult hold a leash on a consenting adult constitutes assault on a child, but I don't expect to be able to persuade anyone of that who's kicking their engine into kink-at-Pride discourse overdrive over something you're more likely to see a heterosexual couple doing outside of Spencer's

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tired: representing trans womanhood as gazing into a mirror while putting on lipstick, yearning for something that can never be
wired: representing trans womanhood as getting eaten out by the hottest dyke in town

bout to go all authcom so we can have health insurance gulags

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I will never understand how people can deal with the health insurance system in this godforsaken country and not come out of it wanting heads on pikes. I feel like I'm ready to start a fucking revolution just so we can drag insurance execs out of their offices

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what I actually have to do, today: work on things until I decide it's time to stop working, then relax

what brain thinks we have to do today: struggle against an infinitely-long TODO list, and walk away having failed to make any discernible progress towards completing Everything

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why would you want to regulate wittle ol me? look at all my green crap! remember, saving the planet starts with you! if you buy our Responsible Green Crap made with Sustainable Green Crap you can save the world?

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don't look at us, look at all these products we sell that you can buy and feel good about! don't you want to buy more shit? THESE ones are so much better for the environment (and you totally should buy them instead of buying nothing at all, don't you want to do a Thing that Feels Good?) plz no looking at the effects of large scale industry, trust us, we're responsible! we make green crap! buy our green crap!

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do you have ANY idea how much money large industrial companies have saved through the framing of environmentalism and waste reduction as a matter of individual choice

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trans, request for info 

Does anyone have recommendations for readings i should send to parents of trans kids? It's been a while since I've thought about intro trans content, and the parent perspective is not something I'm familiar with.

Thanks in advance, boosts appreciated!

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i don't understand half y'all's content warning abbreviations and doesn't that kinda make them pointless

need to travel for a pretty long time shortly and i'm sitting here planning what i need to bring like "hv scope probe, tiny old russian crt, soldering iron" like a totally normal human going on a trip



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