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woo nyc 😍 i forgot how beautiful you are

why does the US have to be so big lol. looong drive across it

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"We care about your privacy" is starting to sound like "The Socialist Peoples Democratic Republic of Legitimate Voting land".

lgbtq discourse, vaguely kink-at-pride adjacent 

goddammit gays, branding yourselves as the most boring gay to ever gay won't make the straights like you. it'll make them like having you to use as an argument.

you've heard of gold star lesbians, now meet grey square gays πŸ™„

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it worked in sim

idea was to create a few phases of a clock signal, use that to sample-and-hold the inputs, then build a precision pwm generator using one input as amplitude and the other as width. Then a resettable integrator to integrate each cycle of pwm into a value proportional to amp*width (so in1*in2), another s&h to hold the resulting integral each time, and a reconstruction filter at the end to remove stairsteps

works at audio freqs (fs=50kHz, fmax=20kHz). kinda want to build it

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me: jesus christ i'm tired why didn't i go to bed two hours ago

also me: i should fire up ltspice and try out the novelty analog multiplier design i just dreamed up, right now

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i wanted a nom-loading cd drive when i was younger, like on g3 imacs. i only had blep-loading ones

unpopular font opinion: i actually like computer modern


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people fighting against fascism and putting themselves of getting beaten, shot, gassed, and killed


people who are mad they have to use Microsoft Windows at work

are not on the same level

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Just published Google lawsuit evidence indicates that like always retained users' location data, even if disabled in user interface, to the extent that its own employees flashed LineageOS on their phones to avoid tracking. Full thread on

#privacy #google

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i should write an anarchist theory book and it's just like 3 pages about how u should just fuck shit up have fun and kiss girls

oh no it's a lgbtq+ discourse 

So many lgbtq ppl - ok, baby gays - lend weight to these dumbass arguments by trying to meet them on their own level when they should be dismissing the premise entirely. Who cares if lgbtq acceptance will make people gay? That'd be great!

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oh no it's a lgbtq+ discourse 

I really don't like the nature-vs-nurture arguments. (Are gay/trans/whatever people "born that way"? Can people choose to be x? Can we accidentally make people x?) They descend too quickly into obtuse eggheadery about determinism and *miss the point*: being what i am is Good, Actually and whether or not i had any say in the matter, i'd totally choose it if i could because it's dope af

psa: you're probably putting micro-usb ports on your boards upside down

i mean, do what you want, but maybe you care, so yeah

you don't have to put them on the other side of the board, there are ports that face the other way, they're just less popular

breadtube, education, workplace

This is pretty good.

The idea of the lazy worker who needs to be forcibly motivated is a damn lie. Humans are unimaginably curious, motivated, and powerful when we have real agency over our lives. The past thousands of years of history are full of the evidence. And we all need to work to dispel this myth because it has caused so, so much harm.

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