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Just opened signups on -- a Gemini & Twtxt-based website builder / social network. have fu!

purge your thoughts of bourgeois software development ideology

craigslist did almost everything right

interested in the idea of software being "complete"

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"The most important feature of Sublime Text… is that it doesn’t change."

I would be interested in a gemini-like protocol for email

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@Shufei They have both blind trust and understanding of tech. Whenever I read anything about this I can't help but laugh.. nanomachines, AI, von neuman satellite, are you fucking kidding me, we can't even manufacture a bluetooth speaker that works consistently.

Their flying cars are gonna run on electron, their prosthetic limbs will randomly reboot, their embrace in technological know-how would be inspiring, if it wasn't so deluded.

would be interesting if rust had a culture of using rustc directly in some cases instead of cargo/crates

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if i had a ton of money i would do stuff like give a 5 million dollar grant to busybox

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I have come up with a way of transmitting encoded messages via crackle weaving. For n characters, you need 5*N + 1 total threads, and you can generate a small textile that should be:
- Strong enough to withstand daily use
- Not obviously an encoded message
- Damn near impossible to decode without a draft
- Tedious to decode even with a draft

This one says "This is stupid"

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is it just me & the fact that I'm on linux or does the internet just straight up not work on firefox on probably 3-5 sites per week

Trying to dedicate a few hours each week to working on open source projects that are not my own

always nervous whenever a library or function has "easy" in the titl

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capitalism effectively halts genuine invention by forcing all things to act as financial instruments first and foremost. what cannot profit, cannot exist; so public infrastructure like digital networks can only grow sideways by building bigger and bigger paywalls. volunteer efforts such as linux face a labor ceiling that capitalism can manipulate effortlessly: squeeze the worker, and they lose the bandwidth to volunteer; buy the worker, and you buy control of the project.

interested in this community of people who develop public domain C99 libraries for everything. might make one for twitter

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