Just finished a major rewrite of and plan on actively developing it a lot more now. It's free to register, have fun! Gemini rules

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@alexw grats on the launch, throw some Fs in the chat for twtxt

@sakurina f

Don’t tell anyone but i kinda dont think twtxt is a very good protocol tbh

@alexw Sadly, it gives me 'invalid login' for flounder at gemlog ca
I have no idea.

@gemlog Thanks for letting me know, I'll debug it and get it back to you

@gemlog Are you using your email or username ("gemlog") to login?

@gemlog No problem! I can maybe add some code so that email login works too

@alexw Sorry. Some sites use one thing and some sites use another. I should have tried 'gemlog'.
Um. I am not a smart man - I know that.
I am logged in and at my 'home' page. I'm not seeing next steps.
Or should I use like e.g. bollux to access the page to change it?

@gemlog no problem -- I changed the registration flow and it looks like the UX isn't as good -- go to "my_site" on the home page. I used to redirect there upon login, I'll change that as well

@alexw Aha! :-) My site! :-)
I didn't see that.
Obviously, it would help idiots like me to default to that upon login.
I think that makes sense.

@alexw I'm sorry to drag this out for you.
So now I have a page
How would I copy/pasta a real gemini address to it?
(you can tell me to shutup and eff off at anytime btw! :-) )
I think that's a necessary bit - if we're trying to promote the use of gemini protocol. Idk.

@gemlog no worries! The gemini address is just replacing the https:// with gemini:// — I’ll add that to the documentation. Your site is at gemini://gemlog.flounder.onlin

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