@makeworld dont forget 1 indexing instead of 0 indexing

@oppen Maybe I'm missing something but I read the go-gemini code and I don't think it's looking for a client cert and I'm able to use gmni and amfora without a client cert to access flounder pages

why does the imagemagick website quote atlas shrugged

i always find it interesting how so many maintainers of ancient c programs have almost no online presence

@oppen OK I think is might be a different issue -- I set the expiration for certs for just 1 minute, and so probably it generated a new cert on almost every request: is it possible that the client you were using wasn't handling that correctly? (increasing the timeout window)

@oppen I re-read the spec on client certs. I can relax the restrictions

@oppen thanks for letting me know -- I used a new version of the go-gemini library that made this change. I think mandatory client certs is standard according to the spec (?)

non-underlined links seem bad for accessibility. any feedback here?

thinking of making a chess app over gemini

Me on mastodon reading a constant stream of tech articles i already agree with: ah yes, very true

@sakurina I've never looked into it really, could be interesting

@sakurina if i ever run a company I’m forcing everyone to use Debian

why does the python standard library live in /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/Library/Frameworks/Python3.framework/Versions/3.8/lib/python3.8/ on my work macbook. what have we done to unix

@solderpunk the internet is losing functionality as time progresses. You can’t even right click a media object on most platforms to download it anymore

@royniang honestly gemtext alone is such a great format, not withstanding the protocol itself

Aws has a robot voice that breathes in during sentence pauses. Absolutely bizarre

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