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failed to try and book an amtrak trip via w3m

failed to try and subscribe to the new yorker via w3m

my banking website doesn't send any response when i try to access it via w3m or lynx

writing this from a raspberry pi running alpine linux and no gui, experimenting with a new computing environment. having fun

on a site that overrides ctrl-f to open up the site-specific search bar instead. tragic

Block in /etc/hosts

Google wants to turn the internet into the Apple App Store and probably will succeed unless there is antitrust legislation

Chrome dropping ftp support and adding http3 support is backwards

thinking about how much of academia globally depends on sci-hub, a site run by a 31 year old communist kazakh woman

worked on a quarantine poetry zine, printing some paper copies, but you can read it online here:

buying a sewing machine on craigslist for the same price as a new pear of jeans in an attempt to fix my jeans instead of buying new ones

working on a new stack for my personal website (not deployed yet):
plain hand-written html, no framework, no scripting. 4 lines of css
served on busybox httpd (socat or stunnel for ssl)
deployed via rsync to /www
hosted on alpine linux
on a raspberry pi in my apartment w/ openwrt router

at one point I started reading a very long haskell book which was taught from the angle that haskell could be the first and only programming language the reader uses. the rust documentation is kind of the same way, and I wonder how many non-programmers would encounter these languages and learn them with zero CS background

I like how gemini turns web browsing into a conscious, active activity, rather than a passive consumption of content

love being reminded of the spiderman rule every time i sudo

@oppen Is the format you have here specified somewhere? just curious if others are making content in the same structure

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