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people have been github starring a rust command line tool that I put together a year ago for some reason

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Here’s one big take away for me about moving from Github to

Github treats source control like a social network. Getting stars on your projects, following users, news feeds, showing off your usage stats for... some reason.

It’s not until you get away from that you realise how fucking awful and pointless it is.

A load of other stuff too, but that.

I put together a gemini chess app, but I haven't had a chance to deploy it. Throwing this out into the void in case anyone is interested:

Sometimes I wish software engineers saw struggles against intellectual property / licensing as part of a broader political struggle, ie one that requires organization, activism, and legislative change, not increasingly esoteric software licenses

E ink is the most exciting technology right now i think

Hacker news posters should be banned from discussing things they know nothing about: politics, science, business, and technology

Gemini is really really good the biggest problem is that only like a few dozen people are active on it in the whole world. Idk how anyone finds out about it and doesn’t drop everything for a few months building software for it lol

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Thinking about george foreman’s five sons, all named george foreman (II-VI)

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Watching @rek doodling Meg, a little character for the gemini protocol.

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This leads to a contempt for the past. Too much of what was created in the last fifty years is gone because no one took care to preserve it.

there are two kinds of programmers. emoji lovers and emoji haters

People love to rewrite coreutils in rust but with terminal colors

"But I’m serious when I tell people the odds of me running for higher office and the odds of me just going off trying to start a homestead somewhere — they’re probably the same." - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

just found out gemini urls have been meged into mastodon and will be part of the next release. Cool.

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Gemini - Content 

Set up your own gemlog: gemini://

Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven": gemini://

Add statistics to your gemini site: gemini://

Mirror of gemini://

Play Othello: gemini://

Lagrange browser gemini://

Mirrored Wikipedia: gemini://

#gemini #Content

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does anyone know which gemini browsers have inline images

I have zero interest in software as a commodity

happy 2nd of the month when all these cloud providers i forgot about charge me 20 cents for something

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