My heart bled a little when I learned today that has no equivalent to on . My most common mode of operation on twitter is to share links tweets with links to that I find in my feed. I use quote tweets to explain to my followers why I find those papers interesting

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@aliceschwarze It's not built in, but you can always copy the link to the toot (click on the time of the toot to get the url) then post it in your toot. It's not automatic much like it was in the early days of Twitter not having QuoteTweets.

@binarytango Thanks! The lack of an automated button doesn't bother me as much as the lack of a preview. I don't see the content on the link that you included in your toot until I click on it and, in my browser, it defaults to opening it in a new tab

@aliceschwarze It would be great to have it natively supported like Twitter on the web client and mobile clients. Maybe others do? If anything, since it's open source you can always post a feature request on the project github

@binarytango @Uros @Gargron Yes, I read that same reasoning in the GitHub discussion. I disagree with it (see example in my toot above) and hope that this issue might be revisited in the future ... But it's definitely not the hill that I will die on

@aliceschwarze I understand the reasoning behind not having them, but yeah I love to quote tweet a paper thread, especially from an early career scientist. My followers over there I think are more likely to interact with the paper thread if they see it coming from an account they know.

Here though I'm not sure my specific use case for them matters as much since timelines are chronological and we don't have to worry about what the algorithm is boosting

@_astronoMay I am still learning how that difference in the feed affects what I and others see and how information spreads on the . Definitely some of the tips and tricks of how to get a lot of exposure for a post are different!

@aliceschwarze yeah, i miss that feature too. maybe you can just link back to the original post? let's try it with this message here.

@shawncreed The link works but it doesn't come with a preview so it's a bit harder to make the connection between your message and the content of the quoted toot

@aliceschwarze yeah i get a small preview in the app on my phone but it’s not enough of the message to be useful. i wonder if there’s a reason why they chose not to add that feature? 🤔


There seems to be an agreement among at least some developers that the main use of quote tweets is to dunk on people so they decided against a feature that would make discourse toxic

@aliceschwarze lame. i agree the ability to properly moderate is key to making this feature viable on the platform but i think it’s doable. to the point that was made, many instances have this feature already. it just needs to be planned and built properly such that it can become a standard without becoming a method of abuse.

@aliceschwarze I've seen some discussion here about its be used for harassment in twitter. But, well, its is also used in a good way, at least in general research community. Anyway, i believe that if you links the toot in your own toot its maybe work in a similar way.

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