sydbox-1.1.0 & pinktrace-0.9.6 released! & This release fixes build on armv7 & x86 and slightly optimizes data structures for improved memory usage. Thanks to tombriden for the help!

sydbox-1.0.9 is released:
This release adds support for new system calls execveat, newfstatat, openat2, faccessat2 and renameat2; fixes IPv6 network sandboxing, a hang with Linux kernels >=5.10, a time-of-check-time-of-use in handling paths longer than PATH_MAX, many memory leaks including a major one about process inheritance and many minor issues identified by . Thanks to everyone who took part in testing, particularly eternaleye, heirecka and tgurr.

bitlbee version bump to 3.6: highlights are twitter fix, server-time IRCv3 capability and large performance improvements for large contact lists, see changelog here: (posting this via bitlbee :)

Fix for another known hang with sydbox under certain conditions. Thanks eternaleye for all the help. A release is coming soon. Please test sydbox-scm:

Fix for problems with sandboxing and glibc-2.33 was to implement support for newfstatat for magic commands. Thanks to tgurr for all the help! A release is coming soon. Please test sydbox-scm:


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