I love fridays. I get to other in the space. For this , I wanted to share a who writes , and he a lot of comment worthy .

Okay, okay. Go check it out. alixandercourt.com/2022/03/25/

Doesn't have much to do with , but you could imagine I had this reflection by the stream of Sugar House Park with my son.


Let's just go with it.



@neauoire great presentation today at libreplanet. I ended up featuring your website on today's blog post. Thank your for the thought provoking presentation. alixandercourt.com/2022/03/20/

@dave your content makes me chuckle. Sensibly. Here's a follow.

One of my favorite posts of the week is the Friday Feature. I wonder if I should start one on mastodon as well...


I'm grateful to share one of the secrets that I have learned about life today. Have you ever explored the liminal moments of your life?
Take a break from and , and check out my / explaining how to use a simple to bolster your . If you must know before you read, there is a in the of and .


To do anything, whether to start an initiative or to reach a goal, a strong and constantly-improving foundation is essential to promote and sustain growth, which should be slow but steady. Otherwise, rapid but inadequate development (like online fame, which is abundant nowadays) - which is NOT growth - becomes a burden, as it overwhelms the foundation and shifts us from our original goal, crumbling the whole thing right down, just like how yesterday's mistake did. #Patience and #skills are key!

I think about my workout a lot. It is probably because I've done it so many times. I wanted to share with you some of the virtues I have learned from doing the same routine hundreds of times.


Like a lot of people, I used to be a pathological maximalist. A phone with more features is necessarily better, a company with more people is better, a program with more lines of code is better, a house with more stuff is better....

Until the day when reality hit me in the face: there is a direct relationship between “more” and “complexity”

Here is how I did to reduce chaos in my life and projects

👉 kerkour.com/entropy-is-fatal/

#programming #entrepreneurship #philosophy #minimalist #100DaysOfCode

One of my favorite lines in the 4 hour work week is "one who shifts economic resources out of an area of lower into an area of higher yield." This post hints at an opportunity that comes from shifting resources from low return to high.


@adamasnemesis I think it is awesome how much are you share. Don't ever stop.

#AMA on #Pockit on /r/linux:


PS: Still in awe of the #demo #video & how quickly the system adapts itself to new #hardware (including a new #CPU itself). 🤯

PPS: Mostly the work of a *single* talented person - hello Impostor Syndrome, my old friend.

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