I only knew Chumbawumba’s big hit single but learned this morning they’re incredibly political have lots of anti-fascist jams??? getting really into Chumbawumba now I guess

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Bought albums from Atomic Anomic and @allyeg today.

Also dropped a c-note on a compilation album put out by Food Desert Recordings where the proceeds are all going to an organization fighting for trans youth in Texas.


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Pocket friends! Who are the writers, activists, and scholars you like to read/listen to about diet culture and fatphobia (especially as it relates to the food and eating aspect)? #boostsAppreciated

live music photos 

some photos from Saturday’s release show :) I’m still coasting off all the love from this weekend 💜💗

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If you wear glasses, are they clean? Take a moment and clean them up so you can see a little better.

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y’all my release show last night was so wonderful 😭🥹 I had friends come from across the state just to be there, I saw old friends and new ones, the other bands were awesome and drew a great crowd, the venue was good and the sound guy was patient and did a great job…an endless list of good feelings. it’s so good to be a part of a loving & supportive community ❤️

I had planned on just prepping for my release show tomorrow and making some posts about the record/interview/etc but instead spent a lot of time thinking about…window

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today has been such a weird day….run in paragraph incoming—happily released my album, then my landlord surprise showed up in the morning to take a window to get replaced (we just had…nothing there for several hours so I had to lock my cats in a room to prevent escape). then my mom came to visit and we got to hear my interview played on WDET, our local NPR affiliate, then my landlord came back to board up the window and said instead of a few hours he’ll have a replacement in a few weeks lol

hi my debut album just went live at midnight ET 😌 if you want to be one of the first people to hear it, you can find it wherever you listen to music: ffm.to/hopingformore

if you do listen, I’d love to know your thoughts! so excited to have this out in the world :)

hello again, mastodon! sorry I’ve been away, I’ve been trying to limit social media generally (to varying success) and mastodon is the least addicting app…which is what’s so great about it, but also why I haven’t been around.

I stopped by to tell you that next Friday I’m releasing my first full-length album and I’m nervous and excited and mostly just relieved to finally get it out in the world.
I’ll post again on release day; until then, you can listen to the singles at allyeg.bandcamp.com 🥰


my partner is one year sober from alcohol today! I’m so proud 🥲 it isn’t easy but he’s doing it 💖

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later today I'm gonna ride my bike to the library to pick up a book that I have on hold - I feel like I'm 10 years old (and I can't wait for summer break)

if anybody wants to be pals I’m learning and some (and dabbling in like six other languages because I can stop “sampling” the courses) from English.

username is also @/allyeg over there if you wanna be buds :) I will give you high fives when you have a streak!

even if it’s not on duolingo, I’m curious if anyone in my sphere here is studying (a) language(s) for fun? if so, what languages and why?

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gentle reminder that if you’re mad at how your body has changed within the past 2 yrs pls remember your body is carrying you through a pandemic as best it can, in the face of nearly daily uncertainty and i know it doesn’t make it easier, but please remember your body is trying. and remember, your mind is a part of your body. it’s doing it’s best too. im so proud of you.

Finally watched Kedi and it was so, so good. 11/10 would recommend 🐈🐈‍⬛

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