Ok so apparently jami works just as unreliably as the other softphones right now. All I want is to be able to use the freepbx ucp phone, that would solve all my stupid problems.

I can officially say tho now it's time to make some mutha fuckin prank calls! Cactus!

So my vote for best softphone on Linux right now goes go jami, which i think is better than linphone. I really am bummed microsip is developed for window only.

Watching the cyberpunk now screenings right now, great stuff!

Dang I just remembered the Streets of Rogue sequel is in the works. How fantastic.

In late April an off-duty officer mistook a cellphone flash for a gun muzzle flash before shooting an unarmed 14-year-old.
This is the exact argument of polices for saying shouldn't have guns. Even the few good end-up killing innocents.. The global community has been ready for self for a while now. And equals managing each others never end-up well.

I didn't get enough hope today, but what I did see was freaking awesome. So glad it happened and I was able to make it!

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Every Halloween costume I’ve put my dogs in up to now have been amateur hour.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/The_Weirdling/stat

Did some reverse engineering of an I2C device driver.

I really need to work on my bit manipulation.

I need to hook this sucker up and REPL that shit.

Dang it! I was joining the zoom call to show off my talent and the host said that was it right when I got into the room! Bummer lol

Also thinking about putting my raspi asterisk box l, an ata, and some old cordless phones in a cyberdeck style carry case to have VoIP on the go lol

Not only are audacity and my scarlet working fine now, but sonicpi and overtone are, too! What a great time to be a Linux user. 5.8 rc7 ftw

I think the fact that Microshaft wants to buy Tik tok shows that they're just as evil as they've always been. Tired of running into people who think they're reformed.

Fantastic talk at right now. I'm super interested in cyber security for domestic violence. Would love to do some work related to the field

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