Half a freezer, plus the doors are full. 8 hours well spent lmao

13 bags of roasted green chile, easy 2 lbs each. Never buying a jar of anything ever again.

I breathed in so much chile that if I catch covid it'll run scared. Got 4 or 5 more bags to go, too.

Pornhub shoulda been more like github, where people make their own version of the same porno and branch it off, maybe adding or removing something here and there. Wtf, jerks who made pornhub...

Hot take: the outside is better than the cli, but only if there's beer and *controlled* fire.

Mission accomplished. this is like an 8th of a box and I got 1.5 boxes to go!

This 1984 AT&T promo video for cutting over a telephone service switch by literally cutting all the old lines... 47 seconds to cut the lines. Amazing.


A couple I know is having their wedding next weekend. Along with the couple's new born and extended family in nm and other states, they're flying to Florida to host the ceremony and related parties. My family in florida, #3 state for cases, is on uber-lockdown still. They think everyone will be safe because the wedding is outside, but they absolutely have to be ignoring all the weddings in the news that are killing people. What fucking idiots, AND they think they're not doing anything wrong.

Looks like the combo of dish soap, sesame oil, and water kept the bugs away overnight. Was told to use that by a farmer friend. Hopefully I'll spray once a week for a few weeks and be done with them.

Upgrade (or downgrade) to the nft system. We'll see how the maters do with this new flow rate in 95 degree weather.

Y'all, my spouse is being sued by our HOA because we haven't been able to pay due to COVID causing me to get laid off. If the lawsuit goes through, they could force us out of our home. If you can donate, or even just boost this, I'd really appreciate it.


Why is every show now about some after life thing or digital immortality? So boring...

Dwc maters, beans, and ghost peppers are doing great, except these damn caterpillars love my one pepper plant. And have eaten half of it. I only had three, and if this one doesn't survive the party killers I'm gonna have none.

Got my next novel back from my editor. I swear I didn't think I'd be putting out anything this year, but I may make December. Seems like thats when all my books come out. I hate to miss a year, too, especially with a poetry collection and two novels in the works, but we did have a baby this year. Still, gonna do my best to have at least one 2020 release! With three novels out now, I've got a long way to go to hit 20. Keep an eye out, and don't forget there's a sale on most my ebooks right now!

Feels good to have spread the reach of my writing beyond amazon finally. I've sold 14 books in the past 2 days and, for me, that's fantastic. Could not be happier. amlangston.com/

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