I should probably build a frame to mount the nft on finally. Been slacking since it's been ok, but now that my plants are falling and breaking I think it's critical

Lost 5 heroic plants to the wind last night and my reservoir drained itself... Rip in peace all ye dead souls. Time to replace green beans with tomatoes and push forward. At least I was forced to flush and renew my nutrient solution. Maybe that's a hidden plus.

Imma tell u hwhut, having to buy 3. Hole saws to drill 2 holes makes me feel silly.

I'm posting shitty videos about bbq things on our podcast channel. About to start a series called "How to BBQ Wrong" where I cook stuff you don't normally see. No competition cuts. lbry.tv/@AccidentallyFasting:3

Happy birthday @chickenbutter. Dirty 30 is a nice warm place to be lmao no monsters like being 20. So thankful to share another great milestone with you.

Best brisket ive ever smoked, but also using the ultraq felt like cheating a little more than a little bit. Gotta admit its nice tho.

Got an bbq guru ultraq for the smoker. Gonna test it out with an over night brisket cook tomorrow. Cant wait to not have to get up every 3 hours to check my temps/adjust.

"Blackouts in Ukraine were just a trial run. Russian hackers are learning to sabotage infrastructureand the US could be next."

Losing pea plants left and right ughhhh hopefully my tomatoes survive kratky transplant. This stuff is getting silly

Getting there. After taking this i moved the peas and a new tomato in. Got lots of soil backups, still, maybe for the next tier. After that, gonna get this sucker on solar.

Fiiiiiinnallllyyy got the NFT system to a stable place! Now I need solar power!

#HK becomes a #PoliceState

#AppleDailyENG: Hong Kong police to set up 150-strong national security unit and detention site near mainland China t.co/lBN5UXlu8s

Trying to think of a meaningfull theme for my next poetry collection. I've done death. I've done dreams. Maybe this time deathdreams?

I need a good way to chat w/ people tho. movin sounded cool, but i can't join for some reason... any suggestions?

switched to mastodon, lbry, protonmail, thegood.cloud, and authy. slowly moving away from services that use me as a product, one baby step at a time. It's possible!

Man, reddit chose to *not* ban some really nasty subreddits today. I get the ones that are gone, but leaving r/strugglefucking and r/incest? come on.

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