Oh shit so flowroute is letting me use dtmfdoom as a cnam. Beat that, non-flowroute providers!

I've got my phone bot, William, but he's nowhere near as funny as Brad Carter's new bot Beverly. What could I have William say that would be funny?

FINALLY fixed my asterisk box. Time to phreakaleak!

2k done in my new horror novel last night. The first 2k. I just finished a scifi novel first draft for nano, so this is fuller steamier ahead than I've been in a while. At this rate, I'm gonna have like 5 releases in 21. Could not be happier.

So, I decided last minute during nano to write my story about the crashing mega-constellation of satellites giving people brittle bone disease. It was my first attempt at scifi, and I had a blast writing it. I'm about 7k away from the first chapter being done, then it is time to write my first horror novel! Get ready 2021... I'll be putting out a ton of shit.

7k words away from finishing the first draft of my latest novel, then its on to a detective/noir story about a series of murders in Hollywood, Florida!

Half a freezer, plus the doors are full. 8 hours well spent lmao

13 bags of roasted green chile, easy 2 lbs each. Never buying a jar of anything ever again.

I breathed in so much chile that if I catch covid it'll run scared. Got 4 or 5 more bags to go, too.

Pornhub shoulda been more like github, where people make their own version of the same porno and branch it off, maybe adding or removing something here and there. Wtf, jerks who made pornhub...

Hot take: the outside is better than the cli, but only if there's beer and *controlled* fire.

Mission accomplished. this is like an 8th of a box and I got 1.5 boxes to go!

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