My August HISTORY themed tale should fit right in with the season of spooky stories in Japan - "The Mountain with Eyes"

“You're privy to a secret only a few have known over the centuries. I am far from *ancient in the *eyes of my kind, but have outlived each of my human caretakers. I am glad to have you, a fellow yokai, as the one to provide my needs, now.” LiminalChronicles

“You collect yokai tales. I was one who asked you to collect our local stories. Might I suggest studying the *haunted houses popping up?” Reizei said.

“The rumor of the mountain with eyes also intrigues me. Which should we *visit first?”

Reizei shuffled his feet. “I’m not yet an *expert in transporting you unseen. And I don’t wish to *strain your capacity.”

I shook my head. “I am kodama, tree spirt and echo. Where you go, my kind will repeat what they see and hear.” Reizei drafted a *letter for me to the Nonogawa River Valley Historic Society inquiring about who might know the tales of the Mountain with Eyes. Undoubtedly, the group would put the letter in the *circuit of the group’s folklore archivists.

Reizei’s peculiar tengu and Nonogawa *dialect was sometimes hard to understand. But he never *stewed over it. He slipped on his sandals to hand deliver the message. Was there a *relation between the uptick in yokai activity and the story of the Mountain with Eyes? Would it be wise to *disturb such a large yokai? It may wish to be left in *solitude. Mountains’ moods changed with the weather. I certainly didn’t want to *tangle with it, if didn’t wish to share its story. But surely, it wouldn’t mind a single *question.

My rumination halted when Reizei returned, diving from the sky at full speed to meet me on the veranda. His wings flicked open to slow his descent. My tree’s leaves flutter wildly in the gust.

“I have news! The historic society dug up an obscure reference. They say *telltale sign of the mountain’s location is that it sits directly in the river.”

Follow We combed the map for anything that matched the clue. Bingo! A *branch ran into the Nonogawa river!

Dread crept in and clung. Approaching this powerful yokai had no *undo. We’d have to face the consequences, good or bad. LiminalChronicles

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